Book copying, Notes, Residual memory

The ability of create another copy of a book to have in different bases rather than always carrying them.

Ability to take selective notes: Most of the info or recipes in most books are dead weight, would be nice to just be able to take what you need/ the recipes you don’t know by heart.

Residual memory: Ever tried to craft a recipe that is in a book only to find that you are 1 square to far to be able to craft it? or figure you’ll craft it from materials outside of your base only to realise you have to go back to get the book it is in? Especially if you JUST read the book? annoying.
Proposing that after reading a book (or being near it?)your char will remember the recipe for a set period of time.

Ya need to find your self an E-Ink tablet then.

I think you can transfer all your books onto the tablet and just carry that around :slight_smile:


SHWEET! You humble me with your knowledge.

Really? How do you do that?

As for remembering recipes, every time you craft something you have a chance to memorize the recipe and no longer require the book for crafting.

This gave me a random thought. Can NPCs memorize recipes or do they just work off the player’s knowledge assuming they have the skill to assist.

being able to copy into an e-ink Tablet is something that should /definitely/ be added

How to do that without mods?