CBM skill trainers and recipe retainers

Just had a thought;

What about a non-craftable CBM preloaded with specialized knowledge that would permanently raise your skill rust cap by a certain number of levels. maybe 1 level per skill per each CBM for the skill?

Essentialy, I guess these could also function like books so that you could always keep your recipes handy. awesome for nomads.

you could 'U’se the book and the recipe data would be saved in the corresponding skill CBM for future use. You would still need to read the book and practice the skill of course, but this would prevent you hopefully from having to tote around 500lb’s of books from your most recently looted mansions library :slight_smile:

…OOOH, what if you could find these special CBM’s as a rare loot drop in libraries and electronic stores?

Pretty sure you can download recipes to E-tablets…audio books for the illiterate would probably be a better fit.

wait, how do you do this :o

Honestly, with how complex human memory is, it would be easier to make a bionic that enhances all of memory and logic than that in a specific domain. And I would imagine that transferring stored knowledge to new users would be impossible due to how individual ways of understanding things are.