Boiled peanuts

So, every week or two, I cook up a crockpot fuill of a pound and a half dry weight raw peanuts…

I add a good amount of salt, boil them for a day or two on high, and come back and eat them.

This game needs boiled peanuts.

Or maybe I just wish these damned peanuts would cook quicker. I’ve tried screaming at them, but after awhile, I figured out that didn’t work.

what kind of peanuts do you boil?

No the game really doesn’t need boiled peanuts. It could do with salted peanut snacks. Bu boiled peanuts? Never heard of them and were are you going to find raw peanuts anyways.

I don’t even think they are called boiled peanuts, they are probably called roasted peanuts.

I would hope I know what I’m making in the crockpot.

Ninety percent sure that when I added boiling water to the peanuts, it gradually made them boiled peanuts, as opposed to roasting peanuts.

Boiled peanuts are a thing that exists.

Guns are a thing that exists.

Since guns are in the game, add boiled peanuts.

I think we’re good on esoteric foodstuffs.

Hmm okay In that case:

Gun exist and are ingame.

You totally just invented roasted boiled, they exist (now) and they should be ingame

I just invented icecream with mayonnaise, it exists (now) and it should be ingame.

cant you just like… edit your own json files?

Boiled peanuts are not my own invention, Gall-damn it!

They were invented during the civil war to keep up with limited rations and the increasing appetites of soldiers in a pre-refrigeration environment.

Back in those days, if you prepared the peanuts right, they could remain edible for a couple weeks.

Peanuts are a useful wartime and post-apocalypse food stuff.

Boiled peanuts are a thing. You can get them in cans (and sometimes bags) in the grocery store, or buy them from rednecks with stands on the side of the road (maybe only in the south). And boy are they delicious. I think boiled peanuts are a lot less esoteric of a foodstuff than lutefisk, which exists in the game.

Ok, boiled peanuts are indeed a thing, I stand corrected.

Still I dont see them being very useful at all ingame but ok, they do exist.

hm… we dont have raw peanuts ingame, as of yet or do we *question mark

wouldnt peanuts boil down to peanut butter? is that not how peanut butter is made?

Things being useful hasn’t really been a criteria for a long time.

And I am of the opinion that that is regrettable, and I could list you all the reasons off why I think that. But this is not a topic to discuss that really.

Boiled peanuts are big on the East coast, particularly further South. Super delicious!

There may not be a source of raw peanuts in-game yet, but it occurs to me that being able to grow peanuts could be an interesting addition to the farming system. I recognize this may not be entirely accurate (I think Cata may be set slightly too far north for peanuts to be a viable crop) but given Cata’s near-future setting, not to mention their obvious inclination to play God, I think we can assume many crops have probably been genetically engineered for any number of reasons, including to be more tolerant of different climates.

The Grifter, may I assume you are a native to below the Mason Dixon Line?

For I fear I must confess that for the period of my youth in which I lived well above (it in the Northern reaches of the Rustbelt) I never saw a Yankee consume freshly boiled peanuts (they did like potato salad though, especially the varieties associated with the Amish people.)

There aren’t even regular peanuts in the game; boiled peanuts are a leap.

It isn’t really on topic, but I’d like to see a development guideline that puts standard foodstuffs (peanuts, beer, cereal) in the base game and more esoteric foodstuffs (boiled peanuts, european pilsner, toaster pastries) in a food expansion mod, simply for the sake of catering to players that want tonnes of different foods in their game and players that prefer less clutter.