Amphibious Monsters (And Vehicles, Perhaps?)

So, in my many playthroughs, the ones which have lasted the longest are most frequently ones where I’ve found an island shelter. I find I’ve always grown complacent in hanging around these (for all practical purposes) invincible homesteads. There are downsides, such as vehicles being impractical to build offshore, but the positives of never being attacked and the unlimited food source that is fish and agriculture heavily outweigh that most of the time.

Now, I’ve rarely lasted to late game, so if these already exist please disregard this post, but I think that ravenous “fishmen” who could both live in the water and hunt along the shores would not only provide a healthy challenge to players like myself who corner themselves on remote islands, but also fit with the Lovecraftian aesthetics that CDDA has (The Shadow Over Innsmouth is GOAT).
Not only this, but I could finally get PTSD over listening to Ocean Man!

A drawback I can see would be making things like the Island Prison Break scenario much more difficult should these monsters be implemented in early-game, but they could evolve from some blobbed frogs or whatever later in the game.

In conclusion,

There are amphibious vehicles in the game for a good year -

I’d also like more water dangers. All zombies can still get to you, though. They’ll just take a while and have a high chance of losing their way a couple of times to find you, assuming you’re making enough noise and aren’t in the middle of an ocean. Swimmer and snapper zombies are the only ones who can see underwater I think, but I’m not sure.

There are also razorclaws. Found mostly near shipwrecks, but I think their spawn range would benefit from being expanded to all large watersources with increases in rarity as they get away from a wrecked ship. Perhaps a minidungeon like a tidal cove or something would be a nice place for them to spawn from like ants do from their nests.

Why does no one ever mention Jawed Terrors? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean beavers?


Those Jawed Terrors are no joke. One of them nearly killed one of my survivors, and it took like three point-blank shotgun shells to stop it.

IKR, running into one of those while swimming or on a small boat can easily get you turned into fishfood. They can be nice for acquire fresh fish though.

Ah, I had no clue. Still haven’t played with vehicles all too much, a mixture of impatience and ADHD being the cause.

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