Blood Mage Start

Can anyone give me advice. I am using the arcane mod and doing a blood mage start and i die in seconds. Any way this start is playable

are you starting in the grove or changing your start location?

If I recall correctly the grove is nearly certain death. I like to start at the mysterious crater and steal a brazier. no enemies around usually but you could start pretty far from a town.

I start at the grove i didn’t even think to cheek other start points.
Well I’ve checked out other starts now the question is if im away from a city how do i start fire easily or am i derping again

Blood mages start with the silver athame, right? So you can use that to make skewers and scavenge from foliage (to train survival) as you travel. If you can find any clothes to cut up for rags, do so, and deconstruct the rags for thread. This should allow you to make a fire drill and some tinder, provided you were diligent with your scavenging.

I really should’ve started some of the professions with at least enough essence to get a use of two out of their starting items. >.<

In any case, yeah. The grove is the main cause of that. If I recall, the curious structure is usually the least hectic one to start in, as most of the Fun is down below.