.6 Newbie Starter Guide

Had to adjust my strategy due to spawn changes. Note that some of these are non-hardcore methods you dont have to follow. However, I find them nice to learn the game, then do it the harder way later.

go to options and make your screen as big as your monitor will support. Have to quit and come back a few times. This lets you see more
for a total newb: go to starting points and raise this to 24 (lets you be stronger to start. Good for learning the game)
for a total newb: disable skill degrades (this makes the game too easy when you get good. since you can max everything.but good for learning the game)

Character Creation. Always take these negative traits. NPCs are disabled and the rest dont really hurt you. This gives bonus points to use elsewhere.
negative: near-sighted, trigger happy, heavy sleeper,ugly, truth teller, wool allergy
positive traits (can only get all these if you up to 24 starting points): fleet-footed,quick,fast healer, fast learner, night vision, robus genetics, optimist,1 unarmed combat (dont care which one).

Skills: Archery. Thats all you need. Bows are rare, but this makes it easy to craft them.

str: 14
dex: 10 (might be 8 with what I picked above. raise this last)
Int: 14
Perc: 14

Starting out. Stay out of town until nightfall. Make sure to press ‘_’ to select unarmed combat. You seem to need to when you wield a weapon and then unwield.
You have limited space to carry items since you dont have pockets. unarmed is so you dont have to spend space on a melee weapon early.

Go outside and collect 5-6 rocks. its all you can carry.
Throw (t) at rabbits. Yes rabbits. dont go to town.
Butcher (B) the corpse. Your pocketknife lets you do this. You will fail most of the time until level 2-3. Its ok. Optimist/Fast Learner means you will train fast.
At level 1 butcher you can craft a bow. If its still day time, dont do this. You need to run to town to get string. It is safer at night (though you can still die early even just doing this. happens. deal with it).
keep tossing rocks until you get survival to 2 (so you can craft a stone pot to boil water).
wield a rock if not wielded. Go back to shelter and (s)mash benches. take splintered wood. (just the splintered. rest is for crafting). craft pointy stick. need this for cooking.
go outside. Drop wood. pick up all but 1 piece. stand next to wood. press 'a’ctivate, then hit number for matches and press arrow towards wood. This makes fire (you do this inside you burn down your shelter)
press ‘&’ to craft. Go to ‘food’ cook food. hopefully you have enough to train cooking to 1.
Now press ‘&’ and get supplies for a stone hammer and a stone pot (need hammer for pot). you need pot to get clean water. if you dont boil water first you throw it up. you will get the string in for hammer in town.

drop pointy stick before going to town. you have an unarmed combat style. and space is critical early.

town strategy:
you need to smash a few windows for string to make a bow. you want extra because a short bow > self bow and you may fail and lose string. also need strong for hammer.
if you see a green Z, that is a zombie, ‘z’ for zombie child, ‘d’ for zombie dog. Don’t fight any other zombies. run from them. you are fast with the traits. dont lead them back to your shelter.
to fight zombies. throw rows. when close to you hit with unarmed style (’_’ to set). will see it in lower right if its set. cant be wielding a weapon and that includes rocks or whatever you pick up.
this will train unarm/melee/dodge.

What to loot:
stay at outskirts. you dont have good stuff. so you need to get in and out. you also cant carry much since you have no items with pockets
(s)mash windows. this gets you 1 string per window. you want several for bow and hammer crafting (you may fail bow and lose material so get extra). ‘g’ to get.
before going through a window press ‘*’ for construction and clean window (or you take damage walking over it).
smashing makes some noise and can attract zombies, but its not too bad with static spawns.

In houses look for:

clothing with pockets
clothing that has pockets so you can carry more and warmth: Namely: hoody, anything that says ‘cargo’ (pants/shorts), backpack/military rucksack, fannie pack, rain coat/trench coat. Try stuff on and see if it increases your available ‘volume’ in 'i’nventory. you can wear layers. Also like to pick up hard arm guard and leg guards for defense.
note: more you wear more this affects dodge and it affects it alot. so press ‘@’ and see the numbers in the top box in center? hit tab to go to it and look at how much the warn items affect your dodge. when facing zombies, hit ‘T’ to take off (before they get to you) and drop if necessary. run away if more than 1 zombie. but you need to carry stuff.

Key items

  1. jug of ammonia/bleach. Need this to carry water. Critical. 'w’ield it. press 'U’nload and then when this goes back to inventory press and enter and unload on ground.
  2. go to toilet/sink and press ‘e’ and when it goes to inventory select your empty jug. you now have water. do NOT drink this. its not purified yet.
  3. anything that can hold water(so another jug, plastic canteen, plastic bottle). if it says ‘clean’ next to water you can drink it
  4. anything you can drop. drink as much of this as you can and drop tin cans(I dont believe they have a use yet).
  5. food. potatoe chips/candy can make you sick, but you need stuff. the plastic bags that come with them are used to make better arrows. any food you find. anything that looks perishable will rot in a few days. eat as much stuff as you find until it says ‘do you want to force yourself’ and go ‘N’. so you dont have to carry as much
  6. water,drinks, and stuff to hold water > food since you can kill rabbits, butcher and cook.
  7. books that teach you stuff. they are in wiki. many books like playboy and us weekly, dont teach you skills. ignore them. these are heavy. look at the bigs after picking up
  8. grab what you think is useful. remember with wool allergy you cant use wool so ignore it.

other key items
sewing kits, flashlight, battery, thread, melee weapons (bat, combat knife). any guns and ammo. Rare finds in houses. dont use these early. too noise. crowbar, first aid, bandages.

hit as few houses on edge of town as possible and get out. dont bother waiting until bogged down. there are zombies and you cant handle several at once now. high chance you die the first few times you try this. Its part of the learning phase. Learn to get in and get out.

get eyeglasses. near sighted requires you wear eyeglasses or you cant see. these can get smashed. say have extra. safety glasses are nice. you put them on and they protect your eyeglasses. eyeglasses are a very minor inconvenience if played correctly.

What you dont need early
anything electronic. save mp3, which is a nice to have, but not real important and especially early
car parts(really heavy), anything really heavy.

grab unimportant stuff only if leaving and its not enough to overburden and slow you down.

Back to Shelter:
drop stuff to make a stash. you can stack more, but its often helpful to have piles by type of items. ‘V’ is a nice new features. press it and see what it does.

press ‘&’, now you need to craft the following. see what supplies. supplies can be on the ground and not in your square to use
– short bow, field arrows. (about 30 is plenty for now)
– stone hammer. stone pot

Grab some splintered wood and stone pot. Plus take your jug of water, and your containers for water (empty jug, plastic bottles… drink CLEAN water to empty), canteen.
Make a fire outside
press ‘&’ and go to drink. make clean water. First time it goes to inventory is for you to select the unlean water (unclean water just says WATER, clean means already good). then pops up inventory again to select a contianer to put the boiled water in. If you dont have any it gets wasted. so containers are critical. If water says ‘CLEAN’ its good to drink. you need I think about 8 plastic bottles worth/day (more if you eat salty foods). I cant remember.

basically done for the night and go to sleep. go to basement to sleep. this is key. house can get hit by lightning in storm. if in basement you dont get hit. May have to put on warmer cloths to sleep due to cold. you can stash this warmer stuff in basement.

Next Steps:
use your bow and kill rabbits, wolves, and easy stuff in woods. Bows do NOT work on all mobs. Triffids, skeletons, weak on zombie soldiers. you will figure out what you can waste. This will train really fast with fast learner and optimist .Crafting also trains bow and using bow trains firearms . Butcher everything you get to train survival. At 5 survival press ‘@’ and press tab to get to skills. go to survival and press ‘space bar’ this will stop you from training survival. Level 5 survival is all you need now.

explore outside to see what is around stay out of town. bow gets to be effective as you get better. plus you can craft better bows and arrows with .6. play with it. stay out of town during the day or on the outskirts. when bow gets to 5-6, go to outskirts and draw some zombies to you. start clearing the outskirts during the day since you can see farther. always run from skeletons and smoker zombiues (if you see smoker stay away) and zombie soldiers. 6-7 archery and you can take down zombie cops. shocker zombies at 5 archery. butchering this often nets you valualbe CBM. see wiki. dont use them yet. your skills are too low.

biggest problem:
zombie brutes: nasty and fast. if you see them on the screen listed. get away or your dead. at about 8-9 archery and with fletched arrows (can craft at higher levels of skill) you can take them out.
ants/bees: stay away. not worth fighting
wolves/cougars: can move multiple squares in one turn to get to you and flee. can outrun you.
triffids: your bow is useless against them
jabberock: never saw it, but its the new .6 screw you mob.
lots of zombies near you
letting stuff get near you while you are wearing alot. to trian dodge. ‘T’ take off clothing that affects dodge and drop if necessary and let stuff get near you
dont use firearms until you have a silencer. See ‘&’ for how to craft. forgot what skill levels necessary
’R’ books in daylight in phase to get some skill levels.

only real need to go to town is to fill your ‘jug’ with water if you cant find a source outside of town. if your lucky there will be free standing water, loan house in woods, or gas station you can use.
dont go too far away. if it rains, your morale will drop and you cant craft new arrows.

from here feel stuff out. you will die a bunch learning the game, but I find this a sound newb strategy. When you get the hang of the game, you can stpo jacking your points to 24. Id suggest always getting archery skill, traits: night vision and quick as traits. night vision is key cause zombies cant see you far away at night, but you need a little extra distance to see yourself.

one other thing. your sneakers are good to war. you will see they encumber your feet (at @ screen) to -1. This means they increase your speed. negative is they get torn up and damaged on rubble and you take damage. so avoid this.

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I wouldn’t spend a point on Archery skill. Crossbows traps are easy to find and disarm, so you could raise your Archery to lvl 1 and craft Short Bow.
With enough luck you can find Archery for Beginners book in local library or mansion. My luck is usually enough :smiley:

Also with fleet footed trait you can kite zombies with ease, using window frames and stuff, this way you could loot few shops with important staff.

On the Jabberwock: That thing is very strong. You’d need either a shotgun with slugs or shot, or a hunting rifle with high-powered ammo (i.e. Remington 700/Browning BLR/Savage 111F with .30-06 AP/7.62x51mm, respectively).

Using firearms in the city is now no longer a death trap with static spawn. I’m currently using an AK-47 to dispatch zombies in the town I started near (I got lucky with the AK and a bunch of 7.62x39 ammo with 2 gun stores) and I’m having no problem with being swarmed.

I’ve gotten the hang of the game long before DDA came about, so now I usually use 10 starting points

About strings: you can get string by smashing windows. Smash a few windows in your evac shelter and you’re set.

[quote=“Zireael, post:4, topic:2067”]Smash a few windows in your evac shelter and you’re set.[/quote]I think he was recommending people use the evac shelter as a starter base…

My evac shelter sucks as a base anyway, no rivers anywhere in sight.

I didn’t read the whole article, but you forgot one very important stratigy. If you spawn in a map with a river with no swamps around, train your swimming to level one, take your longbow and about 100 arrows, and stay two blocks away from the coast and draw zombies towards you. Danger-free town clearing.

for a total newb: turn npcs on, and use them as free skill vendors.

@esran: I have found npc training is buggy. They often tell me to follow them and then they never stop moving. newbs can try it, but it won’t always work.

I think in .6 its safe to take both near sighted and far sighted because there are now bi-focals and they are very common. So its one more point.

to the guy who said don’t get archery and hope for crossbow traps to train to level 1. The problem with that (for a new person)

  1. you dont always find them right away. Some maps you do. some you don’t. Just because they are common they are not always there.
  2. the traps have 1 bolt. yeah you can train with that, but its tough. I think crossbow bolts can break too.

not training archery will let you have 2 more points to put elsewhere. I would probably get farsighted to and use the 3 points for a positive trait or to raise dex. I prefer archery so I can get started sooner and get passed the early grind where I am weak and have a high chance of death.

As far as firearms in town: yeah sound doesn’t matter much now. That being said, we all know that is going to change. So its not a good idea for newbs to get used to it.

Smashing windows in evac shelter: I use my evac shelter for my hideout since I can run to town. I use it early. Smashing windows could still be a good plan since it saves you the risk of going to town without a bow. I dont think it takes alot of construction skill too board up the windows and you have 2x4s. Ill have to check that. That is possibly a good change.

I think evac shelter is a good starter because running too town usually isnt far. Once you get get a backpack and other clothing you can grab 4+ jugs fill and go back. That will last you days. Plus you have other fluids for drink. It can be a bit of a hassle to run back for water though.

to the guy who talked about training swim when near a river. Good idea. To newbs, spawning near a river is pretty rare.

I punch wolves and zombie brutes to death right from the start, with or without shrubs. I start with no unarmed skill. It does not even require a martial art, though I currently waste 3 points on one since learning them from NPC’s does not work. ( At least I have not updated since it caused segmentation faults. )

The trick to early melee survival in towns is being picky. Hauling and wearing whatever might be useful will probably get you killed. You only need a bottle of water and a can of food. You can always backtrack to get more if necessary. Only accept fitted clothing to keep that encumbrance down. You will be able to take on lone Z’s on flat ground. Just don’t rush head on into a horde. Remember, they are slower than you. Once you have a few levels of dodge, melee and a weapon skill of your choice, you can pick up something like a military rucksack and start the looting.


You also completely forgot one of the most important items for survival outside of town the funnel :/, also you do not need level 7 archery to kill a brute maybe 3-4 and just rain arrows on it when ever you can. Also most specials only have slightly higher health then zombies, shirkers be careful around though they move very fast, but theres no way you need 5 in archery to take down a zombie cop they are way too easy to kill, and shockers i just recommend avoiding till you have 3 in survival then you can butcher them.

I know your starting plan to train survival is to butcher rabbits but I have an easier way just head in to the nearest forest and start picking underbrush you get about a point or 2 for every underbrush pick failed or not.

First of all: badsniper is a piece of poo for stealing my signiture :frowning:
Second, start off as a scoundrel. With 21 starting volume, drugs for moral boost, extra point in melee for free, AND a lockpick kit to enter houses silenty, it’s pretty OP for only 2 points

the scoundrel usually fucks my luck , when i took it , i found a backpack in the basement and few turns later i got army pants with belt rig , then i found a fucking picklock in the 3rd house i looted , so it basically was waste of points (all professions are wastes of points).

aggrons_shell: noise is not much of an issue with static spawns. the developers haven’t really coded it back in yet. you can smash windows and its not a big deal. that is completely different if you switch to dynamic spawns. i am sure that will change.

My strategy for starting out with any kind of character build is always smash the locker in spawn and get a pipe (I’m playing the latest version which lets you craft crowbars with no skill so I make a crowbar)

Always stay on the edge of town untill you have a good weapon and skill, let zombies come to you and kill them through window sills or on a bush
Smash your way into houses on the edge of town and get some equipment from them DON’T FORGET A LIGHTER (clothing, food, etc…)
Read books and start move more into town, find a welder & tools and look for a working car (I prefer trucks)
Once you feel strong enough to handle most things from a town and have a car it’s time to go exploring.

Also Cooked meat and a water purifier & jerrycans let you survive for practically forever

… until you get the ‘herbivore’ mutation, because of then it’s time to find some Triffids instead of meaty things. And seriously, without mutations the game is no fun.

… until you get the ‘herbivore’ mutation, because of then it’s time to find some Triffids instead of meaty things. And seriously, without mutations the game is no fun.[/quote]

You can get wild vegetables from the underbrush of forest areas if need be.

I shed a tear when I saw that this guide followed the OP archery streamlining…

1 tear.