Bizzare Input Lag

Version: Stable Cooper to present
OS: Win 10

Have tried with multiple versions of Cataclysm, Launcher and non-launcher, with the same results.
It happens both in game and on the start menu/all menus.
Not sure how to word this but here goes : ) Pressing an arrow key to navigate/move does nothing, pressing the same button again, however, results in both the previous and current action being executed. E.g. if I press right arrow key nothing, press again, the cursor and/or character have moved twice to the right. Moving once right nothing, then press up, it moves right and opens up menu.

It only seems to show anything every two inputs. Help would be appreciated, as it makes Cataclysm a little unplayable. I may be masochistic but not THAT masochistic hahaha. : )

Edit: Okay, this is weird. The delayed input problem only applies to menus, selecting play now and actually moving the character is fine. The inventory screen however has the problem.

Not sure of the protocol for this (making a new post/editing previous one) but with some experimentation and a google search I found a fix.
Compatibility mode, graphics card choice and running as Administrator did nothing. But a user on Redit reported having an identical problem, Solution?
Go to Options > Graphics and there should be an option for software rendering. By default it is usually set to off simply turn it on, save changes, close Cataclysm the re-open it
and tada!!!

Hopefully this is helpful to someone : )