Bites seem WAY imbalanced at the moment [too common for their danger]


I think what he’s getting at is that there’s a limit to how far you can, for example, pull an arm if you’re grabbing it through chainmail. At some point you reach the limit of how far the chainmail will move, and then the mail itself prevents you from pulling any farther, so you wouldn’t be able to pull the arm off without first tearing the chainmail.
I suppose you could let go, pull the mail up a bit, and re-grab the arm if the person inside didn’t draw the arm back in quickly, like if they were unconscious.




Break. Totally agree with you. But to pull completely off? No. You may die just from the stress factor. Such as going into cardiac arrest or go unconscious and then be eaten alive. But armor that covers the body for example, chain mail. Would not allow more than breaks. In game terms, extreme bash damage. In all likelihood someone would die in short order. BUT! I have a solution!

Rivtech Stimpacks + Adrenaline shot + being able to move your ass fast enough (assuming your legs arne’t broken yet).