Bionics sugestions (balance/development)

Sup everyone, first time on the boards, so don’t judge.
Soo, I have have a small pet peeve of mine and couple suggestions.

First, some bionics replace squishy parts and should offset the calorie intake requirements. They should be fed from the bionic power, having no maintenance cost is silly( “Expanded Digestive System” can’t have exclusive metabolic interchange capabilities to power itself).

Because of that, second, power. Some passive bionics don’t make any sense, and logicly must consume power. I can’t imagine civilian, and even more, military bionics that operate on limited or time sensitive sources of power. Just imagine that your digestion shuts down during work hours because you forgot to eat your highly nutritious Li-Ion batteries during breakfast, NHA wouldn’t approve that in million years. And that’s why there should be a reliable low yield power generation solution, like betavoltaic cells, to power life support critical bionics.

Third, bionics roughly fall in three groups: implants, augmentations and prosthetics. Respectively, add new functions(shotgun arm, internal clock etc.) , augment existing systems(cerebral booster, muscle augmentation, etc.) , replace organic tissues(diamond cornea, expanded digestive system). Pitch in this part is that prosthetics are criminally unrepresented, while they can provide the biggest change and flavor to gameplay.