Anyone know what's going on with bionics?

Just wanted to make this thread so everyone can provide whatever knowledge they have about the recent bionic nerf/rebalance in experimental.

It’s not in yet.
Current values are just for show.

I hope they give us the option to turn “slot encumbrance” off, when it gets in. Same with nutrition unless they re-balance it a lot.

My understanding of their intentions is to add a mod for each of them to turn them off (and that adding that mod will be a sign that it is at least somewhat functional).

Does anyone know much detail about what the plans actually entail/how much progress has been made yet on planning it all out or experimenting with the code and so forth?

There’s a screen shot on github with a functioning version that limits bionics to the slots being talked about. Not sure how buggy it might be, mind you, but the screen shot came from someone playtesting it, so it’s pretty far along.

Do you get different slots depending on your mutations or just those of a standard human? For example more space if you’re huge or have additional arms.

in fact this is nice idea and would give some advantage to being huge which is currenly drawback.