More World Options

  1. add an option so that ammo matches guns on corpses. it makes sense for them to have bullets for their guns. there are so many types of bullets its just luck to get bullets for guns. now you can limit the amount of ammo. i know at higher crafting levels you can ‘convert’, but its more of a hassle. you can make this an option.
  2. increase number of corpse and trap spawns. in general discussions, i discussed a challenge where you increase the zombie spawns and city sizes. going to town is not realistic. you need corpses. this can just be luck. add an option to increase these spawns to balance out increasing zombies. Good for challenge games
  3. higher ratio of ‘special zombies’. for difficulty. better for later game, when your really strong.
  4. increase radiation levels. makes robust genetics and getting purifier more important, but can be an option.
  5. radiation can kill or mutate wildlife. so less bunnies to eat or they become mutant bunnies or something.
  6. option to dynamically increase difficulty over time(make amount configurable)
    – increase spawn rates over time
    – increase outside of town spawn rates over time
    – reduce corpse/trap spawns over time .so can start high to get started than back to normal.
    – more special zombies over time
    – bad winters. winters can be disproportionately longer, less wildlife in winter, colder, rivers freeze, consequences are zombies can cross, but river can break on you, harder to get at outside water and water can freeze inside too. cars have trouble starting.
    – less rain. so funnels are less useful or more rain so morale is more of a problem.
    – if more rain, rivers, swamps can expand on you and flood you out.

Bad Weather Skill

  1. you should still be able to craft in the cold and wet. this shouldn’t be disabled for low morale.
  2. add a skill (not sure how to implement this), so morale is not as negatively affected by weather. this is just an outline. no idea how to implement. doesn’t seem right that i cant craft or read cause im wet.
  3. add the ability to dry yourself and this can raise morale or something so you can read when wet or craft inside.


  1. applies, blueberries, and strawberries, etc… should not rot if they are in a bush or something outside as quickly.
  2. vegetation can grow back if harvested. however, areas can get radiation

More Robust Wildlife(can be an option)

  1. wildlife can go zombie. All wildlife can go zombie. they are tougher when this happens and meat is no good. eventually make this sort of dynamic with zombie spawns
  2. wildlife can mutate from radiation. making them tougher. eating this adds to radiation levels.
  3. less wildlife around in winters. so harder to get food. more in spring/summer.

I’ll try and keep up with you, hopefully others will come.

  1. First of all, there aren’t that many types of ammo. Every type of firearm supports several. You’re thinking
    about variants, right? They’re about the same as the equipment rating insists - you can have hobby,
    civilian, hunting, high-grade and military-grade, and the last two sometimes overlap with mods. Gun
    nuts know how to take care of their arms, and where to find parts and preferred ammo. Right now,
    after the apocalypse, simple and durable is valued greater than the assumption that guns are worth
    more than gold. Your USP probably flew from one hand to another leading from the officer that was
    probably amongst the first ones to fall. Take this into account - would you stop shooting, or running
    for all that’s worth even if your other limb is severed, if you still have a few clips of .45 on you? Then
    reason with the character that has a tactical advantage over anything at point blank range, and know
    that he’s been shooting until his last breath. If he had a rifle for that .223 on him, you’d never see it,
    be absolutely sure of that.
  2. I somewhat agree, crates, storage closets and dumps should be taken in account where it’s needed
    to accumulate high density on both ends, both danger and supplies that help oppose the threat.
  3. I think this should get discussed right about now, good that you thought of it. So, what happens if
    you survive long enough? You can see the better part of the population turning undead. Also, they
    tend to form clusters near other corpses and any other notable points of interest of the still living,
    so you’d probably see a throng around a random source of noise, heat, scent, light, etc. and probably
    even more so around a big tank of water that’s just outside of town, bound to a working truck. Not to
    mention this balances the challenge rating of specific sites, and clears out the occasional wandering
    zombie that’s not mutated or joined others so to endure himself.
  4. Yeah, something like this should be up to Kevin or Galen. But just maybe, if there is a random chance
    for those other hazards like acid rain or ant nuissances to appear, could it be that a nuclear power
    facility “pops up” all of a sudden? I doubt that small/big is the key for the Rads.
  5. Me too, me too! Wildlife that dies or evolves. But it takes time, don’t you think? Look at it as it were
    levels of a classic, dungeon roguelike.
  6. Less rain? You mean, like Earth that’s getting warmer year-by-year? Or you mean that it may happen
    that one or two seasons out of twenty may be really harsh and bad for the enviroment, crops, etc?
  7. It seems right, believe me. Ever been in a blizzard storm in the middle of February? The armies hold
    still in winter, think about it. Towels are out there so enjoy them.
  8. Veggies and wildfruit are random until you tend to them and pick your harvests, that’s that.
  9. We can all agree that you should prep for your Cataclysm winter as animals either take shelter or
    hybernate, but will you funk with the Giant Chicken like Peter from Family Guy does, I dunno. As for
    me, I’d like to see zombified abominations, and will repeat myself until someone agrees with me, that
    hell hounds are the key since the game already preys on the weak.
  1. If we do this at all I imagine it would become standard and be likely rather than guaranteed.
  2. This seems reasonable. Would probably make it “event” spawns in general though, not just corpses and traps.
  3. This is already adjustable but the use case doesn’t really make any sense? Your spawn rules file determines the breakdown of different types being spawned.
  4. It could be an option, but seems like a bit of work for… no real reward? A greater quantity of radioactive squares would probably make more sense than making existing squares more radioactive, and map squares being controllable is something that I think there’s no argument would be nice.
  5. We’ve got plans for the slime mutations to infect mammalian wildlife as well, it’s just not been done. Lots of work. Probably won’t be an option, though, though it being controllable would likely end up being the case if everything else is done as a side effect.
  6. A variant of this is planned, with more zombies turning into specials. It… will probably end up as an option, and probably end up being default, and if it works well the option may be removed but who knows. The other things like “reducing traps/corpse spawns” over time doesn’t actually make any sense and thus won’t ever be implemented, and the bad winters thing seems unrelated to the other stuff so not sure why it’s still in the same number. Also, super-wishful thinking, probably won’t happen unless someone with dev skills really falls in love with the idea, and probably won’t ever be an option - if someone goes through all that work, it will probably just become the way the game is since I doubt they’ll want to do even more on top of it.
    6.ohgodmore - Options for weather might be nice, but we’ve got other things that might eventually end up going on with weather that they would get in the way of. This is one of those areas where options would be a major hindrance to further development. So… maybe. The flooding bit is again, wishful thinking and follows the bad winter stuff above.

None of the rest of the stuff makes sense as explicit options, much of it is either planned as normal or will be emergent from existing or soon to be implemented bits or both.

I’m thinking let’s leave it alone for now. Sorry.

@vulture: since when does every gun support multiple ammos? the wiki shows 1 ammo type per gun?
doesnt make sense for someone to be out and have a gun, then have ammo that doesn’t work with it. i have hit many corpses got lots of guns and then none of the ammo fits any of the guns.

@glyphglyph: so you can go to a file to edit the ratio of special zombies to regular zombies? how about adding it to options. Something like the number of zombies. Percentage of special zombies: normal is 1x, then 2x is double the number of special zombies (so less non-special zombies)

I would also like to add that special zombies should have a higher chance of drops non-clothing drops. Shockers give CBMs, but unless I am missing something none of the others seem to have a higher chance of drops. this gives a risk/reward value.

Not every ammo type has variants, but a lot of the common ones do, standouts are 9mm, .22, 7.67, 5.65, and of course the grenade rounds.

what do you mean by ‘variants’? these variants dont fit in the same guns. i think corpses should be more likely to have ammo that can be loaded to the guns.

For example there’s 9mm, 9mm P(Parabellum), 9mm +P(overpressure Parabellum), and 9mm +P+ (very overpressure Parabellum).
These all load into a Glock 19 and have somewhat different statistics.

I’m not saying we don’t want matching guns and ammo to spawn together, I do, I was just trying to clarify something.