Better vehicle battery management, Hoe function, Health regen rebalance, Food preservation, Fire, crafting

Vehicle: batteries charge based on the order they were installed and this can sometimes make it difficult to manage when you have many installed. I bypass the problem by installing the batteries in a certain order which i must remember but i would prefer a system similar to the fuel/liquid tanks, where you can select them from that short list in the center.

Hoe: While you could use a hoe to dig a hole, i’ve never crafted one for any other purpose than to loosen the soil for planting. The extra steps of selecting to loosen soil are tedious. My keyboard and i would thank you if this was its sole function.

Health regen:I find health regen to be unrealistic and overpowered even with taking the negative traits to lower how much i recover when i sleep. A realistic mod or something would be nice.

Food: I really like the recent changes to the food/nutrition system, much more realistic(no more dehydrated meat from rotten meat) The suggestion i do have are: Allow foods to be put into bags,jars and boxes as well as being able to take them out(already in), Food should spoil faster when not in a container. Bag+box should work the best(They package food like that in real life because it works at making it more shelf stable)

Fire: it still seems like cheating to me to be able to use 1 splintered wood to cook something for 8 hours. I’d like there to be a certain amount of burn and heat time for items to be indicated and required before beginning to craft. Splint=5 mins of light, 10 mins of heat stick=10 mins light 20 of heat, 2x4= 40 etc…

Crafting: I’d be nice to not lose progress on the crafting of things for long periods of time, maybe it creates an object called “project 1” and you can continue it any time.
There should be a different function for batch crafting and mass crafting. eg:cooking a batch a large pot of soup should all finish at the same time but if your making spikes, they should be getting pumped out one at a time until the order is complete.

I hope i haven’t repeated anything that has already been said, if i did forgive me. Thanks for your time.

Bah, I’ll try to be brief about my opinions, but I’m never really brief.

Batteries: It annoys me too, but it’s ultimately something I can live without. The ability to disconnect a battery you don’t want charged seems silly because you can just remove it. Even if it’s a storage battery, you’re probably equipped to do so.

Hoe: I don’t think till soil should be it’s sole function. I do think that ‘till soil’ should be the FIRST/default option when you activate the hoe because that will be it’s most used function.

Health Regen: I thought there was already a mod for this? If not, it shouldn’t be that difficult, just look into how the negative sleep heal traits are set up and create a more potent version.

Fire: I don’t know what it would take to change fire. Can’t you just play with ‘mark firewood source’ and pretend like you can’t abuse the system? Does it matter if other people are able to do so when you can choose not to?

Crafting: I believe this is being worked towards? It’s not hard to store partial craft information so that it can be resumed. Using ‘-’ to reattempt crafting works for interrupted crafts some(?) of the time anyway.

Specifying the order for vehicle parts is a colossal PITA. I am willing to code in the engine battery exclusion idea that someone proposed (alternators on engines charge the battery on the same tile until that battery is full and only then does the energy go to the general pool) and round-robin battery charging (all batteries charge equally), but I have no interest in trying to keep track of a general battery priority order or developing the UI menus that would let you do that.

Putting food in containers is moderately complicated. It’s easy to add craft recipes that will do, but those recipes would bloat the craft menus so that’s not a solution anyone wants. A more sophisticated thing where you can activate bags and put stuff in them shouldn’t be too hard to develop, but no one has volunteered a solution yet.

The intermediate crafting token is a good idea, and it’s something that the maintainers would accept. Doing it would require a substantial rework of the player activity code, so it’s going to take a while until a sufficiently skilled developer decides its important to do.


I am not very code savvy and i may not have explained myself well enough in regards to the batteries. The problem in a nutshell is finding the location of a specific (car)battery in a vehicle that has many of them. I think something closer to the fuel tank system would work best. I’ll give you an example:

You find a Mil. Tank, it has 10 fuel containers(tanks) with diesel. Some of them might be damaged and leak. You don’t want to check EVERY single frame to find the fuel containers(tanks) What do you do? You press F, this allows you to to cycle through the fuel tanks highlighted in the center and check to see the % of fuel, how damaged they are while also showing where each is located. Quick, Easy and simple.

With batteries however, you have to either remember where specific ones are located, have an order you follow when installing or check each frame until you find the one you are looking for. This can become VERY time consuming when you have a large battery powered vehicle or (player built) recharging station.

Since it is already possible to do this with fuel, i don’t imagine it would be hard to implement but as i said., i am not code savvy.

I’m not 100% sure I follow you, but let me see:
in the vehicle interaction window, in the central overview pane, you want to be able to ‘B’ and scroll down through the battery list. on moving to a new entry in the battery list, you want the frame display in the left pane to move the cursor to the tile with that battery.

You don’t care if the batteries stay in the same order between visits to the vehicle interaction window. You don’t want to be able to charge the 7th battery in the list before the 3rd. You just want to be able to see where a damaged or partially charged battery is located on the frame display so you can decide whether to swap it or repair it or whatever.

If that’s the case, its probably doable. I’ll throw it on the to-do list for when I’m overhauling vehicle power/epower display.


Yes, thank you. I would greatly appreciate anything that makes them easier to manage. I will usually install every battery i can to save the cargo space for other items but this has cause problems before where 1 battery being damaged has kept the rest from charging or when charging batteries to use for tools(not a fan of the recharger), not being able to find the ones that are 100%

So as part of solid fuel rework, I accidentally added the ability to refill vehicle batteries. That’s a bug, and I’m going to fix it, but I think I managed to find a way to let you use re’f’ill to scroll through less than fully charged vehicle batteries while still preventing you from actually refilling them.

I hope my fix will resolve your request.

IIRC we used to be able to refill vehicle batteries years ago. I always hated when I accidentally did it and lost my disposable batteries.

That is actually kind of funny that the battery bug is back! It used to let you refill them with normal batteries back in the day.

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Well, I fixed in last night and the code got merged, so there was about a 4 day period where you could refill a vehicle battery with handheld batteries.