Better suburbs

Currently the houses, I find unrealistic, and could be improved via things like…

-fences dividing houses
-more bedrooms?
-backyards, maybe BBQs ect
-and more rooms, study, fireplaces

These would really help the houses and create a more believable suburbs. Also maybe more suburban areas would have less zombies?


I think that the amount of zombies in towns should be because of the amount of houses and size of the town.

Presently, houses are built on lots 24[sup]2[/sup] tiles in size, a number that is unlikely to go up anytime soon.

If that number ever does go up, more impressive houses is certainly something to shoot for, but for now it’s just not feasible, unfortunately.

A fence around the perimeter isn’t a bad idea, at least a few houses would be safe if zeds couldn’t see you as easily.