Best WMDs for killing large groups of Z


Exactly that, though your best option is ducking around a corner of a building as well as having some distance.

Probably not initially, but I’ll add interactions with pits at some point so you can duck down in one and reliably avoid the blast (heck yea trench warfare vs zombies!).


Same with sandbags (the half wall/barricade) I presume right? Just thought of this but if you can duck into a pit to avoid shrapnel, what about gunfire?


Now we need a WW1 mod to add stick grenades and Brodie helmets!


Sooo…UnReal World levels or just “Get Down” kind of ducking?

Both? ;D


First the ranged weapon rebalance, now the explosives rebalance Cataclysm: DDA is making a lot of strides! I like how there’s more viable playstyles besides bionic-melee god. With the Expanded Archery Mod and the rebalance archers are far more viable and hopefully being a psycho anarchist is next!


BTW, here’s the aftereffects of a RDX charge in a regional school that was (artificially) filled wall-to-wall with zombies.

(I didn’t survive the blast, I teleported to the center to show off the carnage)


I leave for what, 2-3 weeks and come back to this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, good to see we’re making progress. Also, if that’s what a conventional explosive does, what would a Mininuke do?


And here’s a similar test on open ground, before:


Side note, everything within about 15 tiles of the blast was not just killed, but either gibbed (no corpse left) or pulped.


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You want the really economical option? Just wait till night and set a small building near the horde on fire. You can either get the rush going using an air horn from hiding in the building, or just move down the street a ways and wait for it to start collapsing.

The noise of a burning/collapsing building is sufficient to draw in all Z’s from a several block radius, and they have absolutely no survival instincts regarding fire, so the vast majority of them will shuffle right into the inferno and be neatly incinerated.