Tools with Bonuses

Right now the success or failure of crafting actions depends entirely on character skill.

It would be nice if certain specialty-built tools could improve your chances. Such as a butcher’s knife giving a bonus to butchering meat, and perhaps a reduction in time required. It doesn’t make sense that you can butcher a deer with a pocket knife or a machete just as easily as with a butcher’s knife.

Similarly with cutting up materials into rags (scissors are obviously the best choice), sewing (bone needles and sinew are not as good as a metal needle and thread), construction (nail gun should be much faster and less prone to failure than a hammer), a shovel is better than a digging stick, etc etc. I’m sure there’s lots of tools which would apply. Particularly poorly suited tools might have penalties.

The bonuses don’t need to be big, just enough to make carrying a specific tool for a specific job more worthwhile, and finding them more interesting.

I think the butchering issue is present already, though Kevin is probably the best person to ask on that front.

Chap I know made an entrenching tool: decent weapon and folded up for portability but should be slower at digging. We couldn’t figure how to make it take longer than s Shovel though.