Battery Storage

Hi, I just wanted to know if it’s possible to power something like a welder or a flashlight from the battery storage of an electric vehicle, assuming the storage has power ofc. I didn’t try and I couldn’t make it work, I don’t know if it’s because it’s not possible or if it’s because i did something wrong. I did research the topic on the forum but didn’t find an answer, so i apologize in advance if it has already been discussed and i just missed it. Cheers

Welders have a new part called “mounted welder unit” or something similar that can run off of a storage battery. Flashlights can b installed as headlights, but that’s it.

Head lights apparently don’t require batteries (but they need vehicle controls to be activated) so people use them as flood lights for bases. Kitchen units and the welding rig use a battery, so you could create a range and mobile repair bay with solar panels and storage batteries, and hopefully the whole mess would be light enough to push around by hand.

Thanks for the explanations.
So this “mounted welder unit” can we build it? or where can it be found?

P.s. Would be great to have rechargeable batteries, and recharge them with solar panels :slight_smile:

[quote=“Chaosinum, post:4, topic:3152”]Thanks for the explanations.
So this “mounted welder unit” can we build it? or where can it be found?[/quote]
Yeah, it’s called vehicle welding rig. Can’t remember what exactly you need to craft it, but there’s a soldering iron required. Probably a welder too.
It also functions as a trunk, so it’s a nice place to store all your tools.

Also if you’re planning on using this, stick it on your vehicle with one or two storage batteries and at least one solar panel.
Seriously, I could take my entire vehicle apart and stick it back together with the energy of two or three full batteries and it hardly makes a dent in the power remaining.

I’ve checked my skills, got: mechanic 10, electronics 2, fabrication 2. Then i checked my crafting recipe and sadly I still can’t make it, probably it’s due to electronics skill i’m guessing.

I lucked out and found one in a garage while I was scouting for a place to build Outer Heaven. Now that I have a mule vehicle, I’m going to head back and grab it, along with some other stuff.

Thanks, I’m looking around garages now, crossing fingers!

Remember to reinforce it with steel plating. Special rigs on vehicles like the kitchen unit and solar panels break very easily, and it’s a bitch and a half to try and find the parts to make a replacement in the event that it breaks.

I built my repair bay, and holy crap! Solar panels have been buffed to hell in this update. With four panels and storage batteries, it never runs out of power while working in direct sunlight. This is what it looks like, by the way.


It’s light enough (701 pounds) that you can just drag it around. There are also vehicle controls on it that control the headlights I also threw on to illuminate the hangar.

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Wow, cool!

Reinforcing fragile parts of the vehicle (ie windshields, headlights, RV unit) with plating actually helps? Must be a change, since a couple of builds ago I distinctly remember that armor didn’t do jack to protect those things from even the tiniest of bumps on a tree.

You know, vehicle physics were overhauled for 0.8?

Twas a pre .8 test build when that happened. Just made a quick check now with .8 and yep, still getting popped solar panels and RV units with tiny bumps on walls and vehicle frames even when they’re plated.

That sucks :frowning:

One of the PR’s up (it might have already been merged into the experimental, I’m not sure) involves reducing the force of a collision as you get farther away from the point of impact; meaning that your solar panels on the back of your bus won’t all magically shatter when you run into a zombie.