Bathroom needs/bathing

i was thinking mostly as something to just make the game feel more realistic in a way to the player would need to use the bathroom and could take baths or showers. mostly makeshift or old fashon methods but if bases every really get improved ones with plumping and stuff would be there. and yes i would say swiming is a makeshift bath but being able to heat bath/shower water is a great mood boost

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Bathroom needs won’t be added. It’s in the FAQ.

I don’t want to have to drop trou every 3 game hours to take a piss but being able to make a makeshift bath for our morale boost would be pretty cool

Shaving and haircutting already exists for a morale bonus, there’s a good chance simple bathing (bag/bucket of water with a showerhead hung from a tree/the ceiling and some soap) could exist, giving a larger morale bonus.

Yeah I might have been a little too succinct. Bathing for morale would probably be fine. Adding extra key presses to pop a squat just to satisfy another meter is a no go.


Like Trigon said. Its in the FAQ because its so commonly asked for, but so bad for ACTUAL gameplay. I’ve always pretended that my character takes care of all the things like that during the missing time/days and it got collectively set aside so the player didn’t have to deal with it.

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oh ok never mind then i must have missed that.
but wait what about the baths that could take a much longer amount of time before its need or just a mood thing?

Bathing could also reduce your scent trail.


yeah i idea that at least if you don’t bath at least once a week (witch is the lowest i have seen people say is a acceptable amount of bathing a week personally i do every day.) you starting stinking while just jumping in to a river would work. its not going to be the most effective. and i would say being able to heat the water in some way also added a large mood boost. and personally i would say at the least being able to make outhouses and other bathroom things for looks only may be nice. again looks only

As opposed to the optional morale boost from bathing, the scent reduction very quickly runs into the problem of being very mandatory for some playstyles. I’m also very sceptical of it’s efficacy if not paired with clothes washing, which very quickly gets you into a very “chore-like” situation where if you want to be stealthy, you have to regularly bathe and wash all your clothes.

I’d just keep it at a longer term morale boost and a temporary scent reduction, as opposed to some system that makes the player extra smelly over time.

These are exactly the same thing, you’re either temporally less smelly after bathing, or you achieve “normal” lack of smell after bathing and then lose it over time. The outcome is the same in that you need to bathe (and wash clothes) either every time you need to be stealthy or every time the effect wears off.

The only scent related thing I could suggest is an ability to temporarily neutralize the smelly/very smelly traits, although that could be done with a form of deodorant honestly which is far less of a pain in the ass.

Any player with normal or weak scent won’t see advantage from this.

Although, it’d be far better as an automated action like an on/off toggle or something for said players, using a charge every so often.

This instantly makes me think of the WOW XP boost shinanigans.
well rested> tired
25% xp boost > normal
with 0 change to the actual mechanics. But people praised them for it instead of complaining about it.

Difference here is it isn’t any purely player pychological bonus, but the creation of the need to repetitionsly do the same task to maintain the playstyle, or barring no other changes, the knowedge that the player is playing inefectively when not doing tedius washing regularly.

Nail on the head, I love this technique when it doesn’t have bad side effects, but it’s not a cure for repitition.

At least I think you accept this mechanic with morale boost with no smelly things

no, player morale, not character moral. This isn’t going to be implemented until it can become an ‘automated chore’ that player can do a couple of keystrokes and have character do a whole line of chores. I don’t think that feature is planned for a while yet, but if someone gets it knocked out early we might see stuff like this sooner rather than later.

Always a fan of pissing pooping. But kevin thinks the idea is… shitty :wink:

Opening menus to eat and drink becomes a chore. It is only a chore if it takes up player time.

If the game eventually gets a daily planning system, it just becomes a matter of decision making with base design.