Batch crafting efficiency

Boiling 20 servings of spaghetti shouldn’t take significantly longer than one serving. When crafting batches, there really ought to be some serious efficiencies involved. It’s especially annoying with something like jerky, which takes a long time and should be all rights take no longer to make whether you’re drying a single strip or a half a cow. For game balance purposes I understand that you don’t want to let people turn a whole orchard into fruit leather in a half-hour, but there ought to be some built-in efficiency.

Support for this is already in game. It is just that not all recipes are updated to use it yet.

Jerky certainly has increased batch efficiency. Some other recipes also have it, mostly liquid ones.

If producing a batch of 2 x jerky takes as much time as producing unbatched 2 x jerky, then you’re probably using an old version. I recommend experimentals - they’re often much more fun than stable ones.