Basecamp - what do I need to make butchering job actually work?

So, currently my camp is basecamp + kitchen/canteen area to the west. I have already built smoking racks and butchering rack. I have 2 people on trapping small game, and corpses appear regularly on butchering rack which I made designated loot zone for corpses. So far, great.
Now, there’s a survivor which I’d put to work in the camp on “cooking and butchering - currently only butchering is enabled”. Sure, whatever, as long as you’ll butcher those corpses, I’m fine. Except that she doesn’t. Corpses of rats and rabbit are beginning to pile on that rack, and she’s just sitting on her bed doing nothing(I can see of).
So, what exactly should I do/does she miss?
e: also, sometimes it says in the message log that she “has completed her work” while the pile of corpses remain unchanged :roll_eyes:
e: whoops, this should be in a garage.

Hm, never had a camp, so this will be a guess game for me…
Did you try to put the zone on the tile next to the butchering rack instead of onto it? Is there a table nearby (as per requirement for the player)?
Also, are butchering tools available? Some with fine cutting too (not sure if needed - previously it also needed a saw, but I think that requirement got removed, especially for small game)?

Yep, im working on this which will help give feedback to job failures in future,

But in the meantime, heres the checklist.

  1. make sure the corpses are in a corpse loot zone, thats where the NPC searches for corpses.
  2. make sure the NPC has a butchering implement in their inventory or there is a loot zone with a butchering implement inside it nearby ( within 60 tiles )
  3. if the corpse is big, then they will also need a butchering rack, and a hacksaw.
  4. if its dark, then they cant do the task.
  5. as Valase also said - Im not entirely sure if the NPC can path on top of the rack, so might be worth putting the corpse loot zone adjacent to it.
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edit to OP: corpses are on the table near the rack.
I’m trying out basecamp system, decided to make a canteen first since I have enough food so I can spend my time more productive instead of cooking myself. So far I have built there charcoal kiln, butchering rack+table, smoking racks and partially built main building.
The thing is, it looks like it doesn’t count as part of a basecamp because if I speak with my butcher NPC inside main building I can assign her to work in the camp, while when I speak to her near the rack, I cannot - instead of “assign to work in this camp” I get “let’s talk about faction camps” dialogue. Also, overmap in there says “canteen survey”, not “canteen”. Does it mean I have to build every single thing for it to count as part of basecamp, and maybe then she’ll work via “assign to work” system(directly ordering to butcher every nearby corpse works fine)? On the other hand, I can assign someone to actually cook there, and it does work…
PS. I checked points 1-5, and they are all good. this should fix that when merged, in terms of when the assign to basecamp dialogue appears.

Currently the problem is that they only count as inside a camp when they are in the central omt of the camp, not the expansions.

In the meantime, all I can suggest is placing the corpse butchering apparatus in the central area, assign them to that job, and hopefully it should work.