Basecamp NPC don't do any jobs

They just path into one room and run into eachother non stop not even to sleep

To verify this bug please make sure to include the version of the game you’re playing as well as a list of all loaded mods.

Do you have food in your stockpile?

I have a basecamp food stockpile with food inside. There are corpses they should be butchering but they just dont

I repeat myself, but…

Without knowing your version and mods, we can’t help. Please provide the necessary information and you might want to read through this external site so you can report bugs more effectively. Otherwise, this will just turning into a guessing game and waste both our time, as well as some others on this forum.

If butchering is the problem, check this…:

Note that the saw and other tools can’t be in use by multiple NPCs at the same time.