Use for throwing, deals like 2-5x damage of rocks, dealing bash damage (javelins would do pierce). Do projectiles even have damage types? Maybe requires a mitt or hand wrappings.

Could also ‘load’ a baseball bat with a baseball, and fire it for some more damage, using the firearms skill.

You find them in sporting good stores, or in baseball diamonds/stadiums/parks (some new environments, yay!)

Also, baseballs could have a condition, which drops off faster if fired from a bat. Could even craft them with leather, thread/sinew, wooden/cork/rubber (maybe a toolable from certain trees with a drill and funnel or cut tires).

maybe throwing baseballs can give morale boost.

Batter up knuckleheads!

I want to be able to create a marble trap that costs 500 movement points to cross because the zombies fall over.

They should stun zombies. And stunned zombies should take crit damage from butcher knives. Total original idea

Everything has a damage type, if they don’t have pierce or cut they default to bashing.

Sounds like a good idea, but I doubt a baseball will deal that much more damage than a rock of similar size.

Baseballs can be thrown more easily, so they can reach higher top speeds. Remember your mv^2.

Indeed, but mass is just as important as velocity.
Baseballs aren’t as heavy as your average rock of similar volume. just like they aren’t as hard as the average rock

A baseball sized rock and a baseball can be thrown with approximately the same amount of force, double to quintuple the damage is unrealistic, even allowing for the difference in aerodynamics, which is pretty negligible unless you have an awkwardly shaped rock, or you are a professional baseball pitcher.

In general I’d give the baseball an accuracy and/or range bonus, maybe a slight damage bonus. It’s easier to throw but it isn’t as easy to apply a great deal more force to that throw.

I’d add 'em in.

Now I want fallout style pitching machine traps to shoot NPCs in the nuts so I can laugh and be a hero.

Why not make a baseball shooting machine? Maybe there’s two kinds, the basic kind which fires straight when turned on, and one which uses some electronics to aim. Destroying a baseball machine could provide baseballs.

Auto-matic Nut Destroyer 2K-51-KWR-B with auto-nut targeting.

Like a turret, except it fires baseballs. Could be interesting…

…We could totally add a batting mechanism. Like, certain objects, when thrown at the PC, have a chance to simply be batted back at the nearest enemy instead of hitting us.

Too bad the list of projectiles thrown AT us is completely nil.

Baseball zombies at the parks/ranges, a zoo where zombie monkeys throw rocks at us. Zombies themselves could weakly throw rocks, like 2-5 spaces for 2-5 damage if they are walking over them, takes turns. Zombie hulks or whatever could throw vehicles a little distance and damage them, don’t try hiding behind one. Brutes could throw furniture, smashing it in the process.

Could even have mitts equippable that are basically slings i.e. use baseballs to fire and are wielded.

Maybe have “grey goo” type bots that if they run into scrap piles, could start building robots or throw scrap, otherwise harmless, though the waves of robots that could be generated would be annoying. Maybe each one they make is ‘made from’ themselves, like promethians, with each child having half the hp of the original. Are there mud creatures in the game? Could give an incentive to clearing swamps.

Just silly! the equation for kinetic energy is HALF MASS times VELOCITY SQUARED!!!

Velocity is sooooooooooooo much more important than mass.

whats 5 times half? 2.5
whats 5 squared? 25

Velocity according to those numbers is 10 times more siqnificant (have you ever seen those stories about pieces of hay penetrating trees during severe windstorms? rare but real, or the OMG particle, a single atom that had a close encounter with the event horizon of a black hole and was hyper accelerated until it holds the same energy as a , fancy this, professionally thrown baseball, observed and confirmed phenomena)

Point is velocity > mass in a HUGE way

I like the idea but it should be bashing and melee not firearms.

You HIT a baseball with a BLUNT object, not line it up with your eyes, hold it super steady, exhale and squeeze a trigger.
Shooting guns is all fine motor really, hitting shit is gross motor.

Rocks and baseballs should both be awful weapons compared to the vast array of real weapons in the game. With that in mind, it doesn’t matter if they’re modeled inaccurately relative to each other.

I like the idea but it should be bashing and melee not firearms.

You HIT a baseball with a BLUNT object, not line it up with your eyes, hold it super steady, exhale and squeeze a trigger.
Shooting guns is all fine motor really, hitting shit is gross motor.[/quote]

Pretty sure at the time I still thought slings used firearm (they still train firearm).

Only problem is thrown dammage is dealt by the weight of the item and throwing stuff like crowbars andwrenchs doesnt do much dammage even with headshots. So a baseball would do almost nothing