Ballista? Thought there was one

Could’ve sworn there used to be a ballista or something similar I could build in this game, but cannot find it in 0.E. Am I misremembering, or is it from a mod I don’t have perhaps? Thanks!

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not sure on this one, but if its from a mod, it would be the blazemod (and its addtions), have you tried the spawn item option on the debug menu?, maybe its only that your level hasnt reached the requirement yet

It existed as a vehicle-mounted weapon available only through blazemod AKA Vehicle Additions. In my latest PR, it’ll be redacted so I can improve the quality of its implementation and make its stats make sense before bringing it back.

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Yeah, I don’t see it. I thought it might be blazemod too, which I thought I had enabled. I’m not sure what other items to look up to see if I do though. I’m also not sure if I can add a mod to an existing world…

Ah so it currently does not exist then?

Not in vanilla did it ever as far as I’m aware, if you’re on the latest experimental you can read the README to find out how to restore the legacy content, though I can’t promise it’ll be supported in the future or that your saves will be safe.

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