Ball Park ETA on Roaming Mobs?

I was just wondering if anyone had a rough ETA on when they were hoping to have something on that released or if it’s even a priority atm? seems like lots of attention on tiles and if you like ASCII graphics well…

Hanging out big time for roaming mobs, no fun having a fortress when nothing except spiders and wolves attack

Awhile yet. NPCs are being rebuilt right now IIRC, so it would be nice if the new roaming code could be used for roaming zombie swarms or suchlike.

There is a lot of talk, and a lot of community involvement with tiles, but it really did go as planned, in that GalenEvil did the vast majority of the work on tiles support, and other than some bugfixes and restructurings here and there, it didn’t take time away from other development.

Regarding roaming mobs, there are several technical issues standing in the way of it, and it’s been putting people off. There’s no ETA on it, but the way things work in this project, it can go from “nobody working on it” to “it’s working” in just a day or two.

For my part I’ve been focusing on bugs for the last week or so because the number of them does seem to have gotten a bit out of control, little things like crafting eating containers, vehicle turrets not working, and smoker smoke spreading through walls.

Is this in regards to roaming mobs, as in hordes and such, or NPC’s?

I figured the hordes would come before NPC’s, since NPC’s need a whole do-over right now, but setting up the process in code for deciding “you deserve a wandering thing, what is the wandering thing, okay here is how it wanders” could work for both.

if you increase the number of mobs in the game, its similiar to roaming mobs since there are so many more of them. my first .8 play through with 4x mobs and 6 for city size (starts at 4), I had a vast swarm of mobs right outside my starter shelter and had to flee for my life or die immediately. I died the first time, but it was alot of fun.