"Bad Save" error with Character Transport?

So, I’m attempting to transfer Noble Culver from one world to the next to continue his reign of terror, and for some reason when I do the save file is corrupted upon me transferring him over. It works fine if I use the base character that I need in order to transfer him over, so I don’t know what’s wrong, exactly. Can anyone elucidate this issue?

Are you using the same mods for both worlds? He may have (or not have) a skill or item equivelant in the new world, so that could potentially be an issue.

I assumed that was the problem. Manually selecting the mods is difficult, because the folder names and in-game names for the mods are different. I’ll try again and see what happens.

Something that should be noted is that when I transfer my character over, the transfer tool crashes right after.

UPDATE: It’s no longer giving me a Bad Save Error, but it is giving me a “Null Submap” error. Any idea what that is about?

Sorry, dude, that’s the extent of what I know about code. Check out the flame52’s comments, and see if he ever brought up the issue with MMR.