Background box

I think it would be cool if, at the same time as writing a name, there was a smaller box where we could write a more detailed background for our character. A little RPG element. Like, for instance, explaining a bit further about a chain smoker, or a lumberjack’s pre-cataclysm circumstances, that sort of thing. Any extra ability to further personalize and make your character unique is what I really like.

I the background box is actually made by yourself, in your mind. This would be an almost unused feature.

To the contrary, I think it would be great, it’d allow more options when sharing your characters with other.

People who upload char templates would love to have something like that, I suppose.
I don’t how char creation is coded, but seems pretty easy to add to the game.

Oh, I do this already for sure! I make up a story for who my character is, and what his life was, before the cataclysm. But it would just be nice to have a little spot for it in the game.

An interesting feature but I’m not sure if it’s really necessary. Still, I suppose if it’s ignorable there’s no particular downside if someone were to code one.

I don’t see the point. “It’d be great for people who want to share their characters”

Here’s some alternatives that don’t clutter the character creation process:
Include a .txt file
Throw it in your forum post

I just don’t see the point of having something you’re gonna use once per character and then never again. Hell, I still think the death messages are worthless clutter tacked onto the end of a game.