Automated Car Salon, Casinos & Auto-Clinics

To give the cashcards (and hacking?) some purpose I suggest that these locations be added:

  • Automated Car Salon where the player can buy pristine vehicles for exorbitant amounts of cash.

  • Casinos where the player can waste cash OR gamble for items, some of which might be very valuable. Let’s be culturally relevant and make satirical comments about EA and lootboxes while we are at it.

  • Auto-Clinics. To replace current hospital eyeball-lsd dispensers. The clinics would have specialized stations capable to operate on the player, including CBMs installation and maybe some mutation influence. Possibly some super expensive, but possible treatment of various conditions such as sight problems or asthma. Maybe an auto-therapist? That would be a really nice touch.


Good ideas right here.

It is a good idea. It would give the cash cards purpose other than fletching in a world with little to no NPCs.

Do have to question whether it has stocks of cars and where it would store them, or if it just 3D prints them, though. There’s also the matter of integrating hacking into it. If it takes less time to get electronics to 6-8 than it does to gather $42,000,000 to buy a Lamborghini Demasiado Caro, then no one is going to gather the cash cards.

The Auto-Clinics would be a great addition too, especially for Broken Cyborgs, Bionic Monsters and the like. If you could use it to add or remove bionics, then you could get rid of the broken ones they start with without having to gather everything and pray that it works.

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yeah, would add another way for someone trying to broken cyborg to fix themselves other then praying they find good enough first aid and elctronics and etc books to power level high enough to remove the really bad bionics. i would say that they should all be able to remove any bionics but they have a preprogrammed “installation” list. as in it will only accept installing of CBMs that it is set up for. high odds it would have things like “power storage” or “Anti-Glare Compensators” while exotic things like “time dilation” would be very very rare. just like the bionics themselves.