We should have audiobooks recorded in cd’s.
Put the cd on the stereo, do something else and learn something new.
For it to be realistic, only low level skills will be learned in this way, and it should be slower than reading, but its a nice alternative.

it will also add some more cd’s in the game :wink:

PS. Advanced stereo systems could play audiobooks stored in USB flash drives with… stuff. (not many or high skills, but some rare recipes)

PPS. This leads me to think that also laptops/pda’s could be used for learning with the proper material in USB format.
Some books could be removed/nerfed and their utility replaced with USB software, making it harder to collect and read’em all in book format.

Pity we can’t link this to loading an actual file so you can listen to the book in real life while you play…

Seems like a good idea to me. I’m not familiar with how C:DDA is coded, but I suppose you could treat it like you were constantly using the skill, so it leveled up as if you were just normally doing something.

I really like this idea, as it makes the Illiterate trait less restrictive. Sure, while perhaps audiobooks may not be as common and consume energy, you still are not completely locked out from a large portion of the crafting recipes in the game.

+1 to audiobooks, we already have an MP3 player, so most of it is probably there. Even like 2%/hour would be nice, cause some stuff just takes a lot of material or time to level.

I like the idea a lot.

Well, we should also get recorded stuff to hear too, just for ambience. Like fliers.

Like, a record of a reporter about to get eaten, a person narrating his survival (and maybe giving a few tips) and stuff like that.