Can we make it so that you can find books on USB sticks in electronics stores (or maybe on computers, extractable via USB) and then use computer skills (level 1 would probably be enough) to combine that with an MP3 player and listen to them as podcasts?

It would all be doable by crafting recipes - MP3 player + First Aid USB = First Aid MP3 + empty USB, or vice versa.

Means you could learn while you earn, so to speak. Gain skills whilst gaining kills. Put knowledge in your heads whilst killing Zs (for the Americans: Put more ease into killing Zs.)

ahem But yeah, I think it could be a more useful way to learn from books, counterbalanced by the need for slightly more equipment and skills to make it happen.

Great, something else to keep draining my XP to 0.

Actually, this might not be half bad. But it shouldn’t increase very fast as not to eat all your XP during other activities.

if it acts like a book it wouldn’t drain xp…

Then how would you get the continuous skill gain?

Books do drain XP, it’s just that they do it over such a slow time you tend to gain more than you lose. Although I admit I’ve not looked in a while :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a nice implementation, thought fighting and listening to something where you should learn sounds… hard to do. Maybe either a very slow gain (on par with the bigger books, but draining battery as well) or stopping the learning process when specific tasks are done, fighting for instance, or if loud sounds stop your concentration and ability to hear properly.