Atmospherics/World Gen: Why Earth?

Where do we stand on atmospherics? I have noticed that weather is rather robust and that we have at least a rudimentary gas system because of fire/smokers/gas zombies.

As I play this game, I can’t help but think it’s unlikely that research was only happening on Earth. Maybe we never went back to the Moon, abut what better place to test these horrifying things?

Every time I create a vehicle or go into a bunker or a lab, it reminds me of The Martian, Doom, and Mass Effect. Large buildings with contained atmospheres and ravaged by disaster… or mostly abandoned. Air could easily just be another consumable resource, not unlike electric charge. At higher tech levels, given enough power, you could liberate O2 from the regolith, but you would be better off raiding abandoned bases for consumables and crafting devices that can recycle (water to clean water via charcoal filter/purifier for instance) from bad air to good.

The surface wouldn’t have to be entirely uninhabited. Some monsters are probably hearty enough to survive in vacuum. Crazed robots shouldn’t have an issue either.

Can you imagine creating your own lunar rover and raiding for water, air, food, and parts? If you’re lucky you’d be able to repair or make your own habitat and start a farm in a greenhouse. We already have funnels, tanks, vehicle systems that allow chemistry, purification, and electricity generation. That’s why I ask about atmospherics… it seems like the only thing that keeps it from being realized.

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I imagine this as an amazing total conversion mod, it just reminds me of Subterrain game.

Most of the lab isn’t a self contained atmosphere. It’s air is piped in from the surface and vented back out again. The containment cells are likely atmosphereically controlled. With the power shut off air still circulates but it would smell stale or coppery. Overtime nitrogen would become more concentrated and displace the oxygen in the air, slowly over time converting the lab into a space you couldn’t breath in withoutgoing hypoxic.

Is that story, or is that actively simulated?

Either way, it’s great news. If it is story, then it doesn’t have to be true for a moon research outpost.
If it is true, then it means the atmosphere mechanics exist and only the building would ever need to be changed.

I’d call it conjecture. Kevin would have to confirm it as story, but that’s how real world underground bunkers work with air re-circulation.

@druidniam has it, that’s how it works irl, and i wouldnt be opposed to making it work that way in the game, though i havent looked into how much work that would be.