Atlatl suggestion

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Current stats (using StatsThroughSkills Mod):
Throwing: 15
Strength: 12
Stone javelin range without atlatl: 16
Stone javelin range with atlatl: 28

I’ve been using the throwing skill quite a lot and have gone from 0 Throwing to 15 Throwing skill. As far as I can tell, the downsides of using an atlatl far outweigh the benefits it provides. Although using an atlatl increases the range of javelins from 16 to 28 (for a stone javelin) it also drastically reduces the accuracy of your throws which makes the extended range pointless.

Currently when using an atlatl, instead of using the throwing system, “t”, the firing system, “f” is used. I think using the atlatl should use the throwing system, “t”.

In my opinion using an atlatl should provide the following benefits/downsides:
+1 range for every 1-2 points in throwing.
+1 damage for every 1-2 points in throwing.
+1 Penetration for every 5-7 points in throwing or strength.
+0-5% accuracy for every 4 points in throwing (not sure how accuracy is calculated).
Using an atlatl adds 10-20 moves per attack (not sure if the value shown in the stone javelin description is used for both melee and throwing) for throwing a javelin. This may be slightly compensated by the javelin reaching its target sooner, since it is traveling at a higher speed than if it was thrown without an atlatl.

Just as you get knockdown/thrown across the room by brute/hulk zombies, javelins could also get a knockdown chance, which could work alongside the embed mechanic.
I would also like to see more javelin tiers i.e.: steel javelin, tungsten javelin, diamond javelin (maybe this is too sci-fi), exploding javelin, etc.

Getting ready to use atlatl at max throwing range for non-atlatl

Missed cat at 16 range while using atlatl at max steadiness

Hit cat at 16 range without using an atlatl

Chased after cat and struck him again with a javelin at 16 range

Stone javelin description

Guns don’t support dependent stats too well.
At the moment there is no good way to set something like “+1 damage per 2 points of strength”. If there was, we’d probably have it for bows.

Throwing and shooting have diverged recently. They use different formulas and the ones for throwing haven’t been increased.
The biggest barrier regarding throwing is the UI.