[.08] Wooden Javelin throwing damage bug?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or the result of new throwing calculations, but with level 3 throwing my wooden javelins are only doing about 5 damage when they hit (unless I land a critical strike, in which case the damage is around 40). Rocks, on the other hand, are getting between 10 and 20 damage per hit.

This definitely wasn’t the case before this release, and I suspect it’s a bug, but let me know if there’s some new dynamics that’s nerfing my javelin damage.

Character stats:
Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 12
Perception 12
Throwing 3 (59%)

Wooden javelins still have the same stats as before ( “bashing” : 6, “cutting” : 22, ) so I’m guessing you’re getting grazing hits.

See if it gets better with a bit more skill.

They’re definitely not identified as grazing hits.

I threw rocks at my shelter wall until I got my throwing level to 6 and tried again, but now I’m landing headshots and critical strikes on every throw, so I have yet to see how much damage I’m doing on a standard hit :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll report back when I do

Ya, at level 6, normal hits are doing about 20 something damage per hit, given my characters stats. Maybe I just never used to get javelins when my throwing level was just 3? It still seems weird that the damage was so low, but this might not be new behavior. Thanks!