Athletic skill

I’ve been thinking, I don’t think adding another skill would actually do much good but replacing for example swimming with its narrow scope with an athletics skill might be good.
For this i’m thinking:

  • a skill that reduces the effects of being winded somewhat (not much but enough to make it worthwhile training it if you’re going around with heavy breathing-apparatus
  • slightly heightens the power you can get from pedaling vehicles slightly, perhaps 5% extra power per level
  • without it the new roller blades or inline skates might be harder to control and stop
  • a less surefire way of clearing obstacles than parkour, with weight penalites (and if clearing wire fences isn’t included in that then that too)
  • swimming
  • sprinting (which would not only give lack of breath but also increasing the heat (with a factor of weather, icecold weather won’t be less ice cold but sprinting in hot weather might give really bad effects) and fatigue.

It could also have minor styles for different tasks to do them with less wear on you or being able to burst faster to get away in panic whith large side effects.


To me, this doesn’t say “new skill” so much as “trait rebalancing”. Skill doesn’t change your lung capacity or muscle strength, but repeated exercise does.