How to raise athletics skill past 5?

I know that swimming will raise the skill, but takes quite awhile. Practicing will only bring it up to 5. Working out or sprinting around doesn’t raise the skill at all. Is there a more efficient way to raise the skill, such as swimming with a backpack full of rocks or pedaling a bicycle?


Swimming will raise the skill up to 10. I don’t know of any other way to increase past five, though.


I’m not sure about efficiency, but getting training from npcs can help.

Good idea, I do have NPC spawns maxed out in my world.

Very odd that it falls off like that. There’s no reason it should fall off; challenging exercise is still practice. And most of these activities would improve most of the muscles in your body at the same rate. Anything that drains stamina should give exp for athletics to some degree maybe? But maybe not blacksmithing, as you only use your arms for the most part. But repeat dogging is the only thing that I can think of that uses almost all your muscles besides swimming.

As I will say this, I’m not a doctor or fitness expert. And I don’t know what athletics is meant to be. It could be your Kinesthetic Sense like Dwarf Fortress?

strip and read a skill book or craft in deep enough water. As long as you don’t sink and sit still it trains your athletics without killing you. if it gets slow just add more weight. Worst case if it gets to slow grab a corpse or something else heavy and swim a couple tiles pop on land rest until you catch ypur breath and repeat. Even with base skill learning it should rase your swimming tomax in two to three days playing normally. my Inawood characters just swim when its to dark to work without burning fuel and wasn’t tired yet. just hit wait till daylight and tred water untill your freezing or you get tired then run to your fire on the shore. Deep water in swamps and ponds work to and are relativly much safer. In the case of swamps you could put a fire right next to your swiming hole and stay relatively safer from things like mosquitos and frostnip.
I think it also works for npcs if you have them read while in the water or just tell them to guard in the water deep and leave them for a hot minute.

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