Freezing world Gen option?

you know how there is a desert option in the world gen. now? there should also be a way to make a freezing world or tundra or something like that as another option, or would that be too time consuming to make properly?

I think it might be done under current possibilities. You just have to set initial season to winter and set season length to… some very long period of time. But I agree, that more pre-defined starting biome options (with their offers and challenges) are pretty good things to add.

More (working) world gen options would be good.

If setting seasons actually worked.

A crude enough hack could be done to the source to allow this. However, weather patterns would definitely be unrealistic.

A freezing world would probably really only have a couple of different conditions: snowy and windy. I imagine it would be useful to define a possible-weather-patterns function for future use. That way we could add fantastic weather patterns too for special scenarios or something.

This is interesting.

I say Nuclear Winter! Nuclear Winter for everybody!

Ill like love a feature like this