Assigning bleed to multiple body parts

So I’m tinkering with a mod. Created a new monster_attack. It causes bleed. This is what it looks like:

"effects": [
  { "id": "bleed", "duration": 15,  "bp": "TORSO"}

Anyway, the problem with this is that I can only make it target a single body part, in this example, it’s the torso. If I don’t give it a body part to target the game kicks an error when the attack procs.


When I try to assign multiple body parts in the effects bit of code it throws an error related to syntax, so I think it’s only expecting one body part?

So, right, is there any way that I can assign a bleed effect to multiple body parts? How does the game handle this normally, like when a predator cuts you up? That seems to be a random selection from among your limbs.

Sorry if all that is confusing. Should I even be doing it this way or is there an easier way to apply a bleeding effect I’m not aware of?

I want this too. Also include a Hematidrosis disease. So I can bleed from everywhere! XD