Artifacts for Newbs

Post help for newbies arifacts here! Also if your a newb who needs help just ask and someone will answer. (i’m a newb too so don’t worry)

Whats the disadvantages of otherworldly attention vs 4+ strength and dexterity (plus its a sword so 40 cutting damage)
I know it attracts nether critters but at what rate and how bad could it get?
Theres few good artifacts so I know I cant be chosey.

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Well, I spent a bunch of time farming them in an amigara fault mine.

The wiki page on artifacts is updated with all the various potential effects: (

Note that a bunch of effects have no description, so your sword might have hidden effects. I suggest opening your save’s artifacts.gsav file (any text editor will do) and looking up the “when carried” “when wielded” and “when activated” effects. They’ll be listed as numbers which correspond to the active/passive codes listed on the wiki. As to the netherworld attention, apparently it can turn impassible walls to rubble so it might be too dangerous to keep around your base! I’ve never really had experience with that effect so I’m not sure on details.

So is evil actually bad? I know it gives you penalties on unequipping it, but are you fine if you never drop it?

Evil seems on the whole bad but it’s kind of a mixed bag.

Wielding it increases the disease length, removing it lets the disease tick down. There’s a lesser variant where you’ve got the item, and a greater variant where you don’t have it (item unequipped). They use the same counter, though.

At low levels of the lesser evil disease, you gain a point of dex. However, that goes away and eventually starts to become a penalty to dex, along with penalties to int and per. However, strength goes up and keeps going up.

At all levels of the greater evil disease, you take hits to all stats (much worse than the hits you’d get under the lesser evil). The wiki seems to be right except that it claims small bonuses to int and per at low levels of the disease which I’m not seeing in the code. If someone could confirm that by briefly equipping an evil item, we can update the wiki.

Yes, imagine being of steroids but you lose all other bodily functions.