Armor - Belted Tire Armor

This one’s not complicated. So many apocalypse Need to be able to make armor out of belted radial car/truck tires. Similar to what these fellows are wearing:

The first is clearly more a real representation of home-made tire armor while the movie prop armor in the second is clearly tailored with other components. Either way, they would make an excellent addtion to C:DDA and this trope

I recommend it have better bashing protection than turnout gear, similar cutting protection but less coverage overall on account of its plate-like construction. It should also be pretty darn heavy. It would probably need padding underneath to keep the steel belt underneath from giving you metal slivers and abrasions while you wore it. Probably add a choice of leather and/or cloth to the recipe for that reason, as well as for straps.

You’d need a hacksaw to craft it, since you can’t simply cut a belted tire, you need to hack it with a reciprocating saw (the ol’ no. 2 reciprocating saw) or use heavy-duty hydraulic scissors. I’m reluctant to suggest the use chunks of plastic in this case, since I feel the sacrifice should be between a functioning vehicle part and not just some sandals you cut up. Maybe disassembling tires will give scrap metal and belted rubber that is used to make the armor? Really up to whomever decides to do something like this. Anybody interested? :smiley:

I’ve always wanted tire arm armor. And kevlar arm armor.

I just want more arm armor, but I like the tire armor!

Obligatory wiffle bat inclusion.

Yes, VERY heavy. Notice the chain attaching the arm guard to the shoulder pad in the first image. That lets you still swing horizontally and lift your arms as necessary, but not wear yourself out just walking around.
Enc 5 or so?
Anyway, need items:
tire chunks
tire armor (light/heavy variants? Probably focusing on amount of coverage)
tire chunks on the side of the road
and recipes
disassembly recipe for tires -> tire chunks
recipe for tire armor(s)

I think the fact that we’d need a new material for this brings up a good point: DDA in its current form doesn’t really discriminate between hard plastic, soft plastic, and rubber. Like I doubt cutting up 100 sandwich bags (soft plastic) for 1 plastic chunk each, cutting up 100 pairs of glasses (hard plastic) for 1 plastic chunk each, and chopping up a few tires (rubber) for a total of 100 plastic chunks IRL would leave you with interchangeable materials IRL. Something to think about.