Armor system on Cars?

As I understand it, if you slap a tank in CDDA and do 1 damage to it, that 1 damage is applied, and in theory, you could smack that tank for a few hours and eventually knock the plating off the tank.

The armor system, the same one used by the player and monsters alike could prove useful. Flowers bitch-slapping your car would no-longer rip your headlights off, and it’d probably take more than one zombie to tunnel through a vehicle. Obviously the vehicle’s “Armor” rating would get better with the type of armor you strapped to it. Bone would probably protect from extra zombies slapping it, while Mil-Spec armor should probably stop just about any non-AP pistol round at range, and most rifle rounds at range with minimal, or even no damage done to the armor itself.

Your Military Composite Plating stops the 9mm round!

I like it.

I doesn t work this way right now?

I’d like to look into this, but I know virtually nothing about the vehicle damage code. I’ve also got a few other things in the pipeline at the moment, but it’s at least on my to-do list. I always hated how damaging bushes are. I think Rivet already fixed flowers though.

You do not run into flowers anymore at all. You drive over them now and they do not colide.

Only thing i klnow bout my armored vehicle concerning dmg:

i had one with military plating.

I went to sleep in it with earplugs on cause a zombie was hitting the car waking me up … i just didn t feel like dealing with him .

when i woke up it was still there i went out killed it checked my car and saw that it wasn t dmg at all. not a scratch.