Are NPC followers affected by heat/cold, light/dark the same way as the player?

Playing with NPC followers for the first time, and quite enjoying it! I’m heavily invested in training and equipping them, but a little confused about what really matters. For example, without my sunglasses I’m getting blinded by the bright sun reflecting off the snow - will this also affect my followers? Should I give them sunglasses? They seem to be able to read in the dark, but I’m not sure if the reading speed is affected by the lack of light. And what about temperature, do I need to ensure they have clothing that works in winter/summer?

No, they don’t seem to be affected by normal temperatures (trying to path through the fire of a fire portal is another issue). They shouldn’t be able to read in the dark, but it seems the game doesn’t detect the onset of darkness properly (they do break off vehicle deconstruction, but probably only at the resolution of a part, which is the same as for the player, I believe). Sunglasses is not an issue, but I believe they are affected by injuries the same way as the player, so ballistic eye protection is a good thing.

If you’re playing with NPC needs (which is disabled by default) you’ll have to feed the companions and put them to bed, etc. I’m not sure temperature is an issue in that case, but I don’t think it is (it’s bad enough trying to juggle that for the PC).