Are leadworks any good?

Are leadwork weapons any good? I always personally shunned them since their mod slots can’t be changed, and I prefer my weapons to have options, but i’m wondering just how well they actually stack up the standard manufactured guns that can support things like under-barrel weapons and such.
Are they more accurate/damaging? Or are they only good when there are no alternatives?

from what I remember the whole leadworks gimmick is that their mods are the best, but you can’t remove them or add more, so if you have a lot of good gun mods and the skill to install them its better to do that, but Leadwork’s are good as a “right out of the box” kind of thing.

when in doubt, just press" I "to compare two guns and pick the one you like best.

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yeah I tried comparing them but there was too much math for me to account for.
I’m more simplistic in how I choose to murder people. Probably part of the reason why my death machines are more like fortresses than vehicles.

They’re basically best in caliber or have some unique advantage you won’t find in weapons of the same caliber.

9mm - very large clip, fits a silencer, basically out of the box perfect 9mm pistol

Shotty - IIRC best 8 round shotty

.46 - assault rifle level damage in a pistol, 3-round burst

.223 rifle - 3 round burst without sig’s folding stock

.223 LMG - has both bipod and a forward grip (no other weapon has this), 3 round burst and full auto

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