Are chickens supposed to walk through barbed wire fence?

Subj. Just found a ranch with tons of chickens but they run away from me and are not stopped by the fence. Is it supposed to let them through? Unharmed, even?

i have seen flying animals that show “x flies over deep water (or some other terrain)”
But chickens cant fly, so… maybe that got overlooked, in any case, i think they didnt walk through it, but instead fly over it.

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i mean, normal barbed wire is meant for cattle and big animals (like humans and dogs)barbed wire
You need chickenwire for chickens, since they probably fit through the gaps (unless you’re making those ww1 barbed wire deppression mazes on pic related)


Yeah a chicken would hardly slow down for a regular barbed wire fence. Also, while chickens can’t exactly fly they can pull off a pretty damn good wing assisted jump.

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