Are 'acid-sniper zombie' badly disguised as 'bilious soldier zombies'?

So I got log messages of “The acid-sniper zombie launches a corrosive dart!” but the only zombie in sight was a ‘bilious soldier zombie’. Was it in disguise, or was the sniper just out of sight range?

Unfortunately I got distracted and forgot to take a game save or I would have posted a bug issue.

Indeed, the bilious soldier zombie has a The acid-sniper zombie launches a corrosive dart! message on its special attack, as well as the caustic soldier zombie still does have The acid-support zombie launches a hail of corrosive darts! on its.

Since the Zombies got renamed at one point, I assume the messages were just forgotten - however, I might be wrong.
But it’s as easy as asking @Erk if that’s intended.

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I don’t think I was the one to rename them, but the JSON is in different places so likely it was just missed.

Well, I had to go with what the linked commit said (unless I’ve read that wrong, which is always possible).