Arcana Mod Summoning question

Hey guys!

I have an urgent inquiry about Arcana and Magic Items mod.

So basically, I needed some ASAP assistance in my adventure to a Grove so I summoned a Shoggoth.

The thing is, I never actually saw one in action so imagine my surprise when I saw it destroy literally obliterate every fungal enemy only to multiply itself and destroy more foes.

After all of that, I’m left totally in need of some sleep, but my little friends won’t leave me alone. They make a lot of noise.

So what do I do with them? I don’t seem to be able (or I don’t know how) to unsummon them, neither can I kill them 'cause I understand they multiply from items on ground WHICH THEY DROP when they die. I can’t outrun them either, as you can see from my health.

They often will just duck off on their own but if you really need them dead debug can help. Also if you summon something like a kreck it will fight them and then die but it doesn’t usually drop anything so just summon till all dead or you pass out from the spells use cost.

Yeah, I used debug to get noise cancelling gear, went to sleep and healed then I outran them…

Only that I went to a hospital and they followed.

Let’s say that’s not all of them.

Any chance you could dump them in a basement or behind a door? If you run?

That would work as they are considered a stupid enemy(bashes things in it’s way and bee lines if I recall rightly). Find a LMOE shelter and lock them in they can’t break their way out. Bonus points if you set a bomb to burn them all.

I can’t tell if this is cute, hilarious, or downright terrible. Its like a bunch of clueless eldritch demon children following you around saying “dAD” “DAd” “DAD” “dAd” and utterly destroying anything that gets close to you, and taking everything that you own.

Call me a great parent then, because I just ran away from them and left them at the hospital…

Damn, I’ve got a deja vu.