'A'pply deletes item 0.C-10366-gc64fb8f

When I grabbed the emergency blanket from the locker in the shelter and 'A’pplied it to unfold it, it disappeared. It did not drop on the floor (I had room in my inventory). There is not a single emergency blanket to be found in my shelter.

It just happened again when I 'A’pplied a heavy duty flashlight. No light was emitted, the item was deleted from my inventory, and there is no flash light on the floor.

Compiled from git, 0.C-10366-gc64fb8f, Ubuntu 14.04.

Seems to apply to 0.C-10386-g42847be (tiles) as well. (I’m using the CDDA Game Launcher, so I can’t exactly say how it’s compiled)

I managed to “a” and loose a Heavy Duty Flashlight, a MP3 Player and a Vibrator. A Hexamine Stove seems to work fine when using it to heat up a tin can. When I thought it was just a problem with the HD Flashlight, I took a look at the json and the use_action block seems fine to me.


Yes, upon activating/deactivating an mp3-player, the inventory is closed as usual, and you get the normal message “you put in earbuds, start listening to music” but what actually happens is that the mp3-player is deleted from the inventory entirely. My Mp3-player was UPS-modded.

Heavy Duty Flashlight (w/ extra battery mod): Same deal.

Geiger counter (no mods): You can scan yourself without losing the device, but if you turn on the continuous scan, that’s when it does get deleted.

Firearm repair kit (UPS): No charge is used upon applying it on a gun. The kit does NOT disappear.

Please don’t do drugs and code… Unless drugs kept your code-fu strong, in which case, please go back to using drugs.

those are all items that ‘transform’ into their on versions.

What about food, drugs, watet containers, crowbars, or bio-rad wristwatches?

items without an on mode or transformation?
Or items applied from their item overview?

Makeshift crowbar also disappears.

Getting this too on #4349, all my makeshift lockpicks and crowbars disappeared when I "a"pplied them to a locked door.

Should be fixed in latest experimental, but I’m wary that there might be some other weirdness around applying items, I’m writing some unit tests to try and avoid this in the future.

Cool, thanks a lot Kevin.

I also had a hunting knife disappear after I used it to cauterize a wound last night, before the update. I’ll go check it out now.