Apocalypse as a collector's dream

I always take the savant and pacifist traits so even after prolonged play my weapon skills are maybe 7-8. And yet it is no longer really possible to experience significant risk unless I handicap myself. So, after my survivor gets his skills up, exterminates all possible dangers, amasses a pile of scavenged stuff and sets up a base with comforts, what do I do?

I start making collections of stuff. Books, newspapers, survivor’s notes and monster photos are pretty obvious candidates to try and collect every single kind of. Too bad you can’t (yet?) collect photos of various terrain types.

Makes me want to start a mod that introduces a lot of rare monsters – with corresponding “lairs” so you need to travel looking for them instead of just going to any city and mowing down hordes waiting for one to spawn. Same idea can apply to items, though I find it a little difficult to think of collector-friendly items that would require you to seek out specific, out-of-the-way places. Archaeology?

Anyway… do you collect stuff?

I like to collect the newspapers found randomly everywhere.

I think the meele system needs some tweaking. We are currently suimply to powerfull in close combat.

Improved npcs wioll surely help with motivation as well as a fortress (koinda) mode where i can coordinate a flok of survivors.
Also worlds that are more alive… migrating hordes (kinda in) trifids/mycus/insect colonies expanding there terretory into your comfort zone etc… which would bully the player into action.

Collecting things??? well na i don t care about that as a purpose in itself. I collect things for a purpo0se… not i collect things to have lots of them or all of its varriants.

Weapons of all kinds. Engines. Alcohol.

Melee? My character doesn’t even use melee.

I’m sure boss monsters complete with lairs would be a boon both for a collector and a “world more alive” guy :slight_smile:
Although they also might look like needless monster bloat. And… they probably belong to the suggestions forum.

Yeah melee. I can not even recall a time where i used that word in spoken form and i regulary mess up the spelling because i may have either a warped concept of how it should sound or english itself has a warped concept on how words should be spelled.

I should be pardoned because i am german.

Well actualy realy dangerous things should be stuffed into places that are easily avoidable but also yield great loot and danger. Not something that belongs to a world that keeps expanding and maybe moving towards you … or perhaps a combination of it… like an expanding trifid grove might have stronger triffid champions guarding a powerfull heart … scaled up with the ammount of territory the heart covers +++ better LooOoOt (or not cause rl hates you) (love it)

I try to collect every single book in the game and fill my own personal library with them. Aside from that, I hoard a lot of semi-rare items that may not have too much use, like haz-mat suits, cleansuits, teleporters, etc.

I collect all the coloured dojo belts and wear all of them at the same time. Then I can truly be the living rainbow.

I collect cars and repair them to pre-apocalypse condition. Then I find the nearest silo and nuke them from orbit because everything is fucked so fuck everything!

I would like to see a rare chance of specialty cars spawning in peoples garages or in mansions, the idea of just exploring as you usually do and finding a sports car or a really old vehicle by chance, while it might not be effective, would be a cool find.

Collect ALL the guns!
Then I have to spend 2 hours sorting them to find some weapons i can use because there is 9999 different ammo and calliber types

And at the end I use flintlocks anyways…

I tend to hoard whatever I find because I just trend towards keeping a bunch of stuff in case I could use it.

Plus, I like having an inefficient home base because RP :3

Flintlocks are fun.

Especially when you make a big wooden boat and become a pirate :3

Which is why we need a fatigue system of some sort

Which is why we need a fatigue system of some sort[/quote]

I agree.

Though still i can t see how i am possibly able to murder a bear … let alone a hulk barehanded with an average str value of 8.

electric components, weapons, underwear, books, and treasure items. treasure items being bundles of money, cash cards, gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, spiral stones, etched skulls, petrified eyes, old armor/weapons, and artifacts.

I think in every long-lived playthrough I’ve had, I found something different to collect. Usually I collect books as well. Right now I’m collecting gold.

I collect soda. I currently have a kitchen unit and cargo carrier full of them.

I collect cash cards and SD data.

I mainly just hoard useful stuff like guns, ammo, chemicals, meds and non perishable foods in my mobile base. If it has a recipe I can learn or is useful I will grab it. I don’t particular collect sets of anything.

i collect everything what is not nailed down to floor but sometimes when desperate to find copper tubings or nails i deconstruct furniture