Apartment Complex Battle ( Game Experience Flavor )

I’m currently using 0.C-7628, which seems to be before a lot of recent changes people seem concerned about. I’m not familiar yet with anything more recent than this version, so feel free to add your experience as you see fit.

Throughout any character lifespan on a given build I will inevitably encounter a few elements that I feel are either underdeveloped or outright broken. But I think something important to discuss is this amorphous notion of tone or flavor of experience that the game has as it stands in any given iteration.

In particular, the most mixed feeling I’ve had in recent memory was clearing a multiple story apartment complex full of raiders who didn’t respond to my presence unless within melee distance (regardless of the weapon they were holding). The experience was still tense, because the raider AI when equipped with an automatic weapon will (and did) dump burst fire into an enemy in range. I had become cocky gaming the limited awareness radius of the inhabitants of this apartment building and almost died when opening a door and tanking a full burst from a raider with an M4.

This whole location was amazingly constructed, but only in a static sense. It seemed like the stub of a complex living environment, but it was strangely frozen in time. I freed all of the captives in the basement, had them huddle together and attempted to grind them for skill lessons. Half of them eventually died to random zombie wander spawns because I initially neglected to give them any basic weapons to defend themselves ( the zombos mostly infiltrated the apartments through the hole I had cut in the main garage door to access the complex in the first place ).

I say that it was a mixed experience in that it seemed to have the potential of a very tactically challenging, thematically engaging and overall exciting location, among the best I’ve seen in this game, yet, being able to walk through the entire encounter and execute the unresponsive NPCs for the most part was a bit of a disappointment.

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“It’s okay, you’re safe now. All of you, huddle up.”
“Oh, thank you so much.”
“Yeah, I know, I’m great. Hey, teach me about mechanics real quick?”