Anybody ever run into a Bandit Roadblock?

I see an overmap note for a Bandit Roadblock, but there’s never anything there. And I do mean anything - no vehicles, no barricade, no angry survivors instakilling me with supernatural firearm accuracy. It’s strange, because other things like military roadblocks or the like spawn just fine. Is this just a legacy code thing that wasn’t removed?

They had placement bugs a while back, is it possible you’re playing from a version with said bugs? I’ve definitely run into (and nearly died from) bandit roadblocks.

I’m playing on 0.E Stable right now, but I have a shitton of mods. Always possible that one of those might be screwing it up.

Yes, I’ve seen it. It’s a series of logs placed across a road with on bandit NPC behind them. Only seen it once, but the bandit had a gun, so that’s nice.