Anti Acid defenses and a new way to handle fire?

Hey while the forums were down I had a few Ideas (Hopefully it isn’t a problem to make them both in one topic)

1st: Anti-Acid Defense
I thought of a few things while I was talking to a user on Reddit and thought I would post them here.

-Using a Basic powder to reduce damage by an exact amount on body parts that are coated.
Chemically basic that is, depending on the powder it would reduce damage by XX HP, acting as a buffer of HP. This buffer would quickly wear off over time as it falls and sweats off the player. A simple powder like baking soda would reduce the damage by a tiny amount (5-10HP?) while other ones might reduce it by much more
However those powders might cause damage over time unless applied to clothing instead of skin (Remember: Strong Basic Chemicals can burn just like acid) in which case depending on what kind of chemical (Liquid, Powder, ETC) and what the clothing is made of (Cotton, wool, rubber, plastic, etc) it might cause damage to the clothing overtime until washed or neutralized.

-Using a spray Basic formula to neutralize puddles of acid liquid (On ground or body) and neutralize acidic gas clouds (If those ever exist, I would love to see areas of localized acid fog)
Basically a spray can that acts like a fire extinguisher for acid (And depending on the composition of the ingredients may also put out fires as well)
And depending on the Ph of the substance, may also cause damage to flesh/organic creatures.

2nd: Fire rebalance
Again on Reddit I saw someone talking about how using splintered wood is the most efficient way of crafting, along with batch crafting to make pretty much anything.

I have an idea to make things more… fun. And a bit more realistic (For those that want that).
What if all flammable items had a ‘burnability’ scale (Kind of like Hammering Quality: x) in that each item provides Thermal Energy Points(TEP)

TEP is expended overtime as it heats the air in squares around it, as well TEP also could be used to calculate how fast a crafting project should take (It takes less time to boil water on high heat as opposed to low heat as an example.)

And based on the time it takes to craft something, each recipe (That uses a fire) could have this stat built in so that you can’t boil 20 clean water over a single sheet of paper (I did that just last night)
If you tried it would just say “The fire won’t last long enough…” Or if you do try a single sheet of paper, “The fire isn’t hot enough to cook this, I should add more fuel” because the TEP wouldn’t even reach the TEP required for one unit of clean water.
Problems come from having to balance this new system which may take alot of messing around with. That and it might be easier to just classify the fire into more stages, with the recipies stating how ‘big’ of a fire is needed.

I did a quick search but couldn’t find anything like these on the forums so hopefully these are at least interesting.

Basic burns are actually worse then acid ones.

Putting basic chemicals on your clothing to try and protect from Acid.

Bro, this is an extremely terrible idea. Basics are just as dangerous, if not even MORE dangerous than Acid for human life. I once knew a guy that had a very tiny amount of some basic chemical accidentally fall into his shoe, and he never noticed. When the class ended an hour later and he got up to leave, his footsteps were leaving a huge trail of blood… Again, he didn’t notice, but the class did. The dude’s entire foot was turned into a fleshy sludge that had to be amputated.

I think acid-specific defenses are a good idea, but as previously suggestted basic chemical would be a bad idea as they are equally caustic. A ph buffered skin creme would not be toxic but would likely be minimally effective.

I would suggest chemically nonreactive clothing that would either be balanced by bulk or by increased water need (think like wearing a trash bag = more sweating, chemical protection would also be impermeable).