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this is just something that came to my mind and I assume has been discussed before, but here I go:

  1. Three different states of “rage”: “angry”, “enraged”, “berserk” as effects for players as well as animals, npcs and some other monsters.
    1.1 It could be triggered by simple things like getting hurt or enemies (repeatedly?) dodging your attacks, repeatedly failing crafting recipes, smashing things, being in much pain or more complex stuff like enemies running away from you and npcs trying to rob you, watching a friendly follower NPC getting killed, (for animals,e.g. watching your fellow animals getting killed/butchered, or for other monsters having to climb across stuff repeatedly could have a chance of making them angry)
    1.2 The actual effect could be an increase in strength and perhaps speed, with simultaneous decrease in intelligence (and perception?), and making certain tasks outright impossible (e.g.: lockpicking while “enraged” or higher) Pain counter can also be reduced when angry. (Increasing morale when berserk and killing/smashing/pulping stuff.)
    Being “berserk” could also affect the interface in some way, like colouring everything in a red shade, or the player occasionally screaming loudly “TAKE THAT!” when killing stuff or something along these lines.
    Basically there is a huge number of places where being angry or more could interact with the game.

  2. Corresponding traits “Choleric” and “Calm” for the player which respectively increase or decrease the chances of getting angry.
    2.1 (Perhaps) two more traits “Agression Issues” which makes you go angry at the slightest things and “Inner Peace”, which prevents you from every getting angry. These (especially “Anger Issues”) could also be put into a profession trait, I suppose.

  3. Drugs, that influence your anger-capabilities. Some pills (or even existing, ones, like cigarettes, or marijuhana) for calming down, or even outright preventing getting angry in the first place. I am not sure if drugs (except sometimes alcohol) that make you angry actually exist.

  4. Of course, lots of flavourful messages, when you are angry. :slight_smile:

So, generally, being angry for the player is kind of an ambivalent thing, depending on your fighting style. If all you do is bash in zombie sulls with your trusty sledgehammer, getting angry, enraged, or even berserk quickly could be an advantage, while getting mad that you couldn’t craft that hoodie for the fifth time, or your hands shaking from anger, therefore preventing proper aiming is not that convenient.

Enraging animals and/or other monsters should be avoided, as it makes them stronger and faster. (Of course this has to take in general balance of things, imagine berserk Zombie Hulks, for example.)

So, what do you think? Not all the proposed effects and triggers are probably a good idea, but the basic concept I believe is mainline-worthy.

EDIT: So, is there any opinion on this?

Sorry for doubleposting, but is there no opinion on this stuff?

I don’t want to crush your flag here, because you obviously took a lot of effort in this, but i think this kind of stuff is in the player itself more than a state of the character. If they kill your NPC friend and you get angry, for example. Then you won’t get any buff or debuff but you will certainly want to avenge him/her and destroy everything! I think having it like it’s now is better.

so getting stronger and have little less accuracy from small adrenaline rush? more advenced version of adrenaline rush trait but not a trait (so remove it and replace with your traits)?

i see nothing bad

The thing is that people react differently. Some may get in a berserk mode and others will cry and get emotionally stuck or get scared so much they will want to run away. So the player will react depending on what they think?

Irl, i would sincerely run away and the adrenaline i get there would certainly not help me to fight at all, it would just get me clumsier. While somo other people would go full berserk.

Just my opinion, tough!

Berserking might make it in as the long-planned upgrade to Bad Temper, but I’m not sold on having a whole series of traits affecting morale and Rage as a separate state.

Sorry, Snaaty.

Oh well, I’ve tried.

For further explanation: The “rage-level” (or proneness to rage) of the player shouldn’t be something that is simply imposed on the player but something that is controllable via trait-choice, actions in game, and items in game (drugs,…).

But I can see that this probably interferes too much with people who like to roleplay.

This is going to have a sister emotion of Fear right?
I am hopeful that the future will have cool stuff like this.

[quote=“Raskulle, post:8, topic:7693”]This is going to have a sister emotion of Fear right?
I am hopeful that the future will have cool stuff like this.[/quote]

Not in mainline. Fear as a mechanic can be very frustrating for action-type players. An “Eternal Darkness Days Ahead” mod might incorporate fear and anger, along with sanity, as mechanics.

There are those times when I really, really wish I could mod. But hey, that’s what summer’s for. Hopefully.

Sanity mechanics! Finally I realise the one thing this game’s been missing!

While the mod “Eternal Darkness Days Ahead” sounds cool, unless you can make it without changes in the code, you are screwed anyway, because these are not mergeable just for the sake of mods.