An item bug with small_prybars

Im dont know if this is the right place to post this or not. If its not, Im sorry and please feel free to move it to where it should be. Im using experimental build 10922 and I keep getting an error about small_prybar being undefined. Doesnt seem to be a big deal but I just thought I should make someone aware if you all arent already.

Also I just tried to activate a rubber hose while standing next to a bike with gasoline in it and it gave me this error:

DEBUG : naively asked for first content item and will get a nullptr

FUNCTION : const item& item_contents::legacy_front() const
FILE : src/item_contents.cpp
LINE : 1075

I can’t find an item called small_prybar (and the game can’t either, hence the message).
Is it possible that you use (and maybe updated) some mods?

Is it possible that the bike has more than one tank and that at least one tank is empty (or destroyed)? At least I can reproduce it that way…

hmm yes I do use some mods. They are all mods that come with the launcher but still yes I do. As far as the rubber hose error, let me check on that.

Please note that - unless you call the cataclysm-tiles.exe file launcher - the CDDA Game Launcher does contain 3rd party mods (and is a 3rd party tool itself) that may not be up to date.

Google connects the small_prybar to the More tools mod, which is not a mainlined mod.
This mod is - as far as I can tell - made and maintained by @TheGoatgod (which became the name I’ve definitely referenced the most to on this forum)…
Anyway, s-/he might be able to help you with that one.

The siphon bug however has nothing to do with him/her or his/her mods. It’s probably something related to the recent changes to the vehicle code.
I’m too sleep deprived to look further into that at the moment, but I left a bookmark and will come back later for that, unless it’s fixed until then.

Yes by launcher, I mean the separate program that someone made that contains a bunch of tilesets, and soundpacks and mods and all that. As far as these errors go, none of them are affecting my gameplay, I just post these things as I come across them in case someone that knows how to fix them, wants to fix them. Kinda like making a bug report I guess, and I dont know how else to make one, so I just post them here lol.